Events of Year 2004

Belt Awarding Ceremony

Every year Al Madrasa arranges a Belt Awarding Ceremony to upgrade students from one level to another. This year Al Madrasa organized this ceremony on Wednesday 15th September 2004 at Yousufi Masjid Ground from 11.45am. -12.45pm.


Science Congress

Science Congress is a regular feature of Al Madrasa’s calendar. It is held every year to provide our students an opportunity to apply their scientific knowledge, do some research work, develop their oral as well as written presentation skills and learn to work as a team


Educational Camp To Azad Kashmir

With the Barakat of Raza and Dua Mubarak of Aqa Moula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin ( TUS),
Al Madrasa arranged its Fourth Educational Camp to Azad Kashmir from 23rd April to 30th April 2004 .