Shehrullah Reflection

I begin writing on this night, the 30th of Sherullah il Moazzam, with a heavy heart as this auspicious month departs us. Parting with Sherullah is difficult every year. We welcome it as our esteemed guest with due honour and utmost respect. It is a month that acts as a shield from all vices which we otherwise may succumb to.

Bidding farewell to this guest casts the same emotions of departing from the days of Ashara Mubaraka as we return to the norms of routine life. These priceless days are a spiritual haven, one which we never want to part from.

Things are exceptionally different this year though… exceptionally difficult to let go of. I am at a loss of words, overwhelmed with emotion that there are no accurate words for. So, I begin with a passage from Al Quran Al Majeed.

Allah TA states: And if you try to count Allah’s blessings, you will not be able to.

I try counting my blessings of this month, in fact, just of one day from it and I am unable to.

Here, I attempt to offer only a glimpse into them.

During a time of unrest and turmoil that’s end is unknown; amidst a pandemic invisible to the naked eye, but whose wrath has brought the world to its knees; we are somehow at peace. At calm. At ease. Showered in unprecedented blessings all in the comfort of our very own home.

How? I ask.

It is beyond comprehension; unfathomable.

Then, a quotation of Maulana Ali AS comes to mind.

Amirul Mumineen AS was asked, If a man was to be locked up in a house and left there, how would his livelihood come to him?

He replied, In the very same way his death would.

No force or being can intervene in Allah’s will. He is the Raziq that grants rizq to those he wishes, and in these days, we have been granted with unimaginable benevolence. Countless spiritual and physical blessings have reached the home of each and every individual.

Faizul Mawaidil Burhaniyah groceries were delivered at every doorstep ensuring that not a single Mumin goes hungry.

The days of Sherullah began with sihori prepared from these groceries. The sound of Sanaa spread throughout the house and blessed it. Tilawatul Quran Al Majeed by Shehzada Husain Bhaisaheb Burhanuddin DM or Shaikh Mahmood Khalil Al Husary followed, and purified it. Azan for fajr namaz was given by my son daily, and imamat namaz was performed by a member of the family in our very own home. We would then play the recording of the distinctive fajr doa of Sherullah recited by Shehzada Husain Bhaisaheb Burhanuddin DM in a lehen that enabled the soul to savour the meaning of its precious words and had everyone humming along with its recitation.

Is this real? I would think to myself often. Has He deemed my house worthy of such bliss?

I knew I was unworthy, but I continued to relish every moment of it.

Audio and video clips, emails from ITS were sent daily and well in advance to ensure unity in the preparation for and performance of ibadat. Sheer perfection could be seen in this planning and execution just so that the showers of barakaat Maula TUS wished to enrich our souls with would reach every home.

Virtual asbaaq began before maghrib with excerpts from the translations of passages of the Quran and continued with the barakat of Ilm e Ale Mohammed. By this, we had the privelege of witnessing Maula’s TUS words come to life: ‘The house of every Mumin is Aljamea.’ Each sabaq concluded with Zikre Husain AS – the essence of all Al-Ilm.

After maghrib namaz, we completed our fast by listening to Shehzada Husain Bhaisaheb’s DM recitation of ‘Allahumma Ya Moateyas Suwalaat…’ in a sound so sweet, it still echoes in my ears.

Burhanuddin Maula’s RA audio clip of Harithe Hamdaan was played between maghrib and isha prayers. It was as though, during these turbulent times, Burhanuddin Maula RA is watching over us, reassuring us, and providing solace to hearts of Mumineen.

After having dinner that was prepared with the blessings of FMB, I eagerly awaited night majlis. The peace that Zikre Husain AS brings to the soul is like no other. It is truly astounding how the remembrance of something so tragic and heart-wrenching can bring such peace.

Mumineen from every corner of the world took part in this Majlis virtually. Some shared the sharaf of taking an active part in it by sending in their video recordings. To have the exalted honour and prestige of performing Zikre Husain AS before and with Mumineen globally; coming together and grieving, and all the while being locked down in our homes has undoubtedly made history.

Video recordings of Burhanuddin Maula RA and Mufaddal Maula’s TUS asfar mubarak to various Atabaat Aaliyaat & Atabaat Muqaddasah were shown from the treasures of Dawat.

How can I be worthy of this? These benedictions that are being bestowed are inconceivable.

What more could we receive?

But there was truly no limit, no boundary to them. They only multiplied in manifolds…

During Layali Fadhela we listened to the vasail of three Maulas, and although I had heard Syedna Taher Saifuddin Maula’s RA bayan recordings, never before like this. My love for Taher Saifuddin Maula RA grew as the voids of being unable to experience His presence were filled. I always knew that by listening to Burhanuddin Maula RA and Mufaddal Maula’s TUS bayan mubarak, it was as though I had listened to Taher Saifuddin Maula’s RA as well. I knew it to be true without a doubt but now I was witnessing it with my own eyes, lingering on His every word with the ears of the heart.

One single shaan, one single source of light could be felt and heard in all three vasail. Never before have we attained so many blessings in the holy month of Sherullah. While resources of the world were being cut off, Maula TUS reached, touched and connected with every soul.

Sherullah came to an end and we thought it was all over. Eidul Fitr had arrived but was bittersweet as we parted from such precious days. Until another message was delivered from ITS. Maula TUS would address Mumineen with the priceless jewels of His Doa Mubarak and grant us all the sharaf of deedar for this Eid.

On May 23rd, 2020 we experienced an Eid like no other. Mumineen all around the world obtained the sharaf of Maula’s TUS deedar from Khandala-an unprecedented event. As we watched Maula TUS address us and listened to his words, the pain and sorrow of separation from Mumineen on His chehra e anwar and in His words were evident.

As He delivered His message to us, Maulana Saifuddin TUS reassured Mumineen not to worry during these trying times. He prayed that may this pandemic come to an end soon and may we all remain safe from it. In the end He expressed what has been weighing on the hearts of all Mumineen since the lockdown took place; however, hearing it from Maula TUS emerged uncontrollable tears to flow from all eyes watching.

Where did all the Mumineen go, He asked. It has become desolate. You all reside in my heart, nevertheless. He prayed that may we all gather again soon just as we use to-and all hearts pleaded Ameen to it.

I would have had the misfortune of spending Sherullah physically apart from Maula TUS this year, pandemic or not. But the separation felt this time is heart-wrenching knowing that there are crowds of Mumineen missing from around my Maula TUS; the crowds that bring that angelic smile to His face; the smile that is the source of our happiness.

Today and every day, we pray that may there never be a time like this again, that physically separates Mumineen from their Maula TUS. We implore before Allah TA while seeking forgiveness for our sins that have resulted in such physical separation as we yearn with every breath we take, with an increasing thirst, for the day that we may come together again. The day we can flock towards Him once again, as close as possible in His presence. Dampen our eyes and faces with overwhelming tears of joy, love, and devotion.

Just so that we may plead to Him once again- Inni Wallahe Ohibboka Ya Maulaya!

Amate Syedna TUS

Rashida M. Adam Kakal