Outside Our Classrooms

At MSB, our extra-curricular program offers a diverse range of activities to enrich students’ learning experiences beyond the classroom.

From sports teams to art clubs, drama groups to robotics, there is something for every student to explore their passions, develop new skills, and build lasting friendships in a supportive and inclusive environment.

The Robotics Program

Our robotics program provides students with hands-on opportunities to learn about engineering, coding, and problem-solving. Through team collaboration and competition, students develop critical thinking skills and creativity while fostering a passion for technology.

The Sports Program

At MSB, sports offer a variety of athletic opportunities for students to engage in teamwork, develop physical fitness, and cultivate sportsmanship in a supportive and competitive environment.

The Green School Program

Appreciation for the environmental is a key part of our education and immerses students in hands-on learning experiences to foster a deep appreciation for nature, develop sustainability practices, and inspire a sense of responsibility towards our planet.

The Arts Program

We nurture students’ artistic talents and foster creativity through various mediums such as drama, painting, and photography. This provides a platform for self-expression and a deeper understanding of visual aesthetics.