MSB Vision (English)

Dai-il-Asre Wal-Heen, Shams-ul Doat il-mutlaqeen, Syedna wa Moulana Mohammed Burhanuddin (R.A) has graciously bestowed the five principles of “Miraas-ul-Barakaat” of “Al-Munasabatain-al-Karimatain”. In radiance of the Principle Enlightment through Islamic Education: * Imani Upbringing of Moomineens Children * Al-Muntalaq-ul-Islami (Islamic View Point) * In accordance to the circumstances of the Current Period, in order to provide excellent and Aala education, Aqa Maula (TUS) benevolently has granted consent for the establishment of MSB. * Al-Madrasa is not only the center point for the upbringing of the children studying in it, in fact it is the focal-point of the nurturing of the entire Imani Society. Syedna Burhanuddin Aqa (R.A) has stated in his Khutba Mubaraka in Nairobi 1409 H: * The Upbringing of the children of the community should take place in this Madrasa in a remarkable and distinctive manner, in the stance that the children of this Educational Institution are protected from the contamination and evils that are (inevitably) included through the knowledge of other educational institutions of the world. * The nurturing of the children of Moomineen should be unique and outstanding (Aala) according to the Happiness of Haq-na-Dhani. * When a student will graduate from MSB, so his/her educational capabilities and standard should be so distinctive that he/she can gain admission in the best of Educational Institutions of the world. And on the other hand, his/her thought and mental level would have become so elevated and potent that the vices of the educational institution of the world will not have any harmful influence on him/her. In the light of these Kalemaat Nooraniyah of Huzur-e-Ala (TUS) it is evident that MSB is Moulanal-Mannan’s invaluable bounty, endowment and boon, and the gratitude of this bounty is to ensure that the students of Al Madrasa acquire complete balanced personalities in the Upbringing of Imaan