AMSB prepares students so that they are well versed in the field of Information Technology from their early childhood. Students are trained to build an ability to use computer as an educational tool. Internet has guided educationists and curriculum planners in their endeavors for better course designing, AMSB has always taken the challenges and has tried to provide the best education to students. In this respect, teachers are trained by Intel and Faculty members are highly qualified in their respective fields. Above all an IT Committee plans for all decision making which comprises of Industry experts.

Through the adoption of IT and use of modern equipments in teaching and learning, students are expected to:

have higher motivation to learn;
have regular class discussion prevailing an environment to learn on quick notes
have broader horizons and develop a creative mind through exposure to a wide range of knowledge and perspectives

To meet the upcoming technology challenges and to bring up the students et par excellence in this field; AMSB has worked on the following areas to assure excellent results and prepare students who are IT friendly.

1. Teacher Enablement to act as a Facilitator
2. Curriculum Re-Designing and Software Awareness in all classes
3. State of the art Hardware Provision
4. Network Implementation to provide 100% Internet Friendliness
5. Multimedia Lab to perform latest media related activities under proper supervision

    • Primary
      Students are introduced to computers for the first time in their academic life. They are familiarized with the basic hardware such as Keyboard, Mouse, CPU, Monitor and Printer. The functionalities of all these equipments are taught in a very friendly way and computer is a story telling and movie showing toddlers play for them.Use of Encarta and Britannica show children the facts about Earth and Universe, Plants and Animals. Basic Mathematics, Science, English Language CDs are available to help teachers in teaching other subjects via computers.

      Software like MS Office, Typing Tutuors, Encyclopedia are installed in all the computers in the lab to encourage students start work independently. The fear of computers is removed. Teachers here try to make the most of computers use to achieve a computer friendly environment.

      Expectation: Again the expectation is Visual gains. A child feels more friendly with computers and feels at home while sitting beside the electronic machine. The student now understands that this machine is used for information. This is the base of Information Technology via use of Computers.

    • Upper Primary

      AMSB’s goals and targets are focused to this section which is the most important group amongst all. These students are trained just like professionals. They are allowed to use all latest equipments and add-ons to computers. They use plugin devices, install drivers on their own. They are familiar with hardware, software, Operating Systems and are comfortable in all MS Office facilities. O’ levels curriculum is taught to them till the time they enter secondary education so they are well versed in all the possible functions of a computer. Expectation: It is expected that students are equipped with all syllabus related to the education of computers and networking. They know about search engines and are accustomed with forums, chats, music plugins, and entertainment modules. They are aware of all the latest updates in technology. Teachers prevail classroom discussions, live seminars, projects, and give an opportunity to excel at this very appropriate age.
    • Secondary

This is the age when students are introduced to the Internet.
are allowed to be used extensively. Live examples are portrayed by teachers to convey their message via internet. Internet has proved to be an exciting teaching tool. Introduction to programming is given to the students. GWBasic, MS Access is available to students to make their own applications using custom forms and reports. Though its too early to expect programs from the Middle School Children, but teachers try their best to mould their mindset towards achieving the functions of programming and ideology of Information Technology.