Al-Madrasa-tus-Saifiyah-tul-Burhaniyah blessed with the barakaat of 51 st & 52 nd Dai names, is an international chain of schools with its central office, known as, Idaratul-Madaresis- Saifiya-til-Burhaniyah, located at Badri Mahal, Mumbai. Idara is a body headed by Al-Saadaat Al-Ajilla Al-Kiram (DM). Under their direct guidance and vigilance a team of khidmatguzars carry out various functions pertaining to matters of academic significance, tarbiyat, Administrative measures, Infrastructure and environment control, and Finances of all centres. Apart from other functions, decision making & policy designing are exclusively handled by Idara to ensure uniformity internationally. Hence, each centre is directly linked to this central office. At present, Al-Madrasa-Tus-Saifiyah-Tul-Burhaniyah is functional in the following cities:-

1. Bangalore
2. Bhopal
3. Chennai
4. Godhra
5. Indore
6. Kolkata
7. Mumbai
8. Nagpur
9. Nasik
10. Pune
11. Raipur
12. Rajkot
13. Secunderabad
14. Daressalaam
15. Dubai
16. Karachi (Shabbirabad)
17. Karachi (Haidery)
18. Mombasa
19. Nairobi
20. Tananarive
21. Kuwait
22. Banswara

Idara is responsible for conducting training sessions, at regular intervals, for upgrading the staff of each centre. Regular visits to each centre are a unique feature of Idara to assess and improve strengthen the institute and formulate strategies and design action plans to achieve specific goals that ensure continual development and progress.