Ilm and education must be founded on Al-Quran of which Allah says, “There is no wet or dried thing but it is in this (Manifest) book”. ” Learning and education is not confined to the four walls of a Madrasa. It has to permeate to the entire community, at all levels. The acquisition of knowledge must come first and find pride of place.” Irshadaat of Huzurala TUS during Ashara Mubarak 1406 H

What is known as Al Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah today was initiated as Jamali Islamic School, founded by Shahzada Ali Asghar Bhaisaheb Kalimuddin Saheb under the aegis of the Raza Mubarak of Huzurala Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (R.A) in 1402 Hijri, April 1982 on the auspicious occasion of the Urus Mubarak of Syedi Abdul Qadir Hakimudin RA at the premises of Shabbir Hall, Shabbirabad B Block, Karachi.

At that point it comprised of three students and two teachers including Nafisa Ben Shk. Najmuddin and Nafisa Ben Shk Ali Asghar. Farida Ben Tawawala joined as principal, in August of the same year.

At that time there were 7 students of varying age groups divided into two classes including Prep I and II. Over a period of time as more and more students joined, Classes I and II were added. One extra room was acquired from the management of Shabbir Hall and the Madrasa office was also converted into a classroom to accommodate the increasing number of pupils. Farida Ben Tawawala who has performed khidmat as Principal ever since the humble beginnings of this institution 23 years ago reminisces, Maulana (T.U.S) had come to Shabbir Hall for the first time and on that occasion free admissions were to be afforded to children who were three years old. A lady whose child was 2 plus insisted that she stands in line for admissions. When Aqa Maula TUS passed by, Huzurala TUS pointed to her child and said,”Aa Farzand 3 waras na nathee!”

The foundation of the first building was laid by Huzurala TUS 1403 Hijri and construction began soon after. However, it would be a good five years when the students would be able to move into a properly constructed building. During this span of five years, to accommodate the growing number of children, a temporary shed was built on a plot opposite the Shabbir Hall. Looking back from the comfort of the present day Madrasa building, it is difficult to imagine how classes were held in the tinned-roof rooms with the noise which permeated through the flimsy partitions

Farida Ben, on a journey down memory lane says, “We were dealing with a single stream of students uptil Class X, but due to pressure for more admissions, we started another stream, adding sections to every class. She adds, “Looking at the present library, which has a collection of over 4000 books, I can’t help but recall the meager collection of a few hundred books when we first started off in the new building.”

It was the year 1984, on the occasion of an Ijtima at the Taheri Masjid when Huzurala TUS bestowed the name “Al-Madrasa-tus-Saifiya-Tul-Burhaniyaha” pronouncing that an institute where education is rendered in such a manner should be called so. A few years later a separate Uloome Arabiyah section was established followed soon by the setting up of the Idara tul Madaresis Saifiyatil Burhaniyah at Bombay.

The Madrasa has been in the constant Nazaraat of Aqa Maula TUS and has also been graced with Huzurala’s TUS Qadam Mubarak time and again. Farida ben Tawawala says with a smile, On the occasion of an exhibition called “Misr-ul-Fatimeen” Maulana TUS visited the Madrasa and asked one particular child to recite “Surat Fateha”. As fate would have it, this child was known for not uttering a word in class but miraculously, after slight probing, he recited the Surat flawlessly leaving us all stunned. This exhibition also stays in the memory as Bu Saheba Amatullah Aai Saheba also visited the AMSB. The AMSB has enjoyed visits from various members of the Saadat Kiraam and Sayedaat ever since its foundation.

The AMSB has been through the vicissitudes of its formative years as well as its developing and blooming years by the Raza and Dua Mubarak of Aqa Maula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (R.A) by whose Raza, Farida Ben Shk. Habib Tawawala has performed untiring Khidmat as principal for 23 lengthy, eventful years, seeing and handling ups and downs, crests and troughs all in her graceful stride. Due to ill health she performed Araz to Huzurala TUS to be given leave from Khidmat and now, Al Masool will look over all the functioning of this esteemed and majestic institution, which is thriving and preparing youngsters to become complete individuals, are in the hands of Al Masool Shk. Mustafa Bhai Sk Haiderali Jack who is leading with renewed fervour and passion to uphold all the traditions and noble goals that this institute stands for.

Karachi is the first in the global history of MSB, which boasts two campuses within the parameters of the same city .

It, would only be appropriate to say that these are indeed the fruits of what Huzur e Aala had envisaged over two decades ago at the Iftetah of MSB Nairobi, when there were only nine centers around the globe. He, at the Iftetah ceremony had stated:-

MSB (Shabbirabad campus) has a prosperous account of twenty-three years history since its establishment in 1402H. The high standards and the quality of education along with the fostering and rearing of a “Mumim Mukhlis” and the awareness amongst mumineen of the importance of such education which is imparted concurrently with tarbiyat has attracted several, due to which there was a vast increase in the admissions every year. The limitations as far as availability of seats met a growing urge for the establishment of a second campus of its kind.

Hyderi bearing a large population of mumineen was a crucial point that was pondered upon by Sa’daat Ajilla, therefore after a lot of contemplation and effort this thought was brought into existence in 1425 H. By Huzure Aala’s Dua and Raza Mubarak a tranquil and serene location, opposite Al-Masjid-il-Hakimi was carefully selected and acquired and ultimately on the 21st of Safar-ul-Muzaffar, Shehzada Aliasgher Bhaisaheb Kalimuddin Saheb inaugurated the premises bringing in 86 students the following day in Nursery and Prep I to commence their academics at the 21st center of MSB.