Upper Primary and Secondary

History is the knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes which occurred in the past. At primary level students learn in social studies some aspects of the history of Pakistan. Al Quran has a vast treasure of historical accounts of previous civilizations and Qisas of Anbiya Kiram.

Keeping this Fatemi Philosophy (Muntalaq Islami) in mind students in Upper Primary and Secondary levels begin to learn history from Class V as a subject and learn about all major events, personalities and places from pre historic time to modern period which affected today’s world.
Simultaneously they are learning Al Akhbar in Uloom Arabiya in which they learn the history of Dawat Fatemiyyah. In this way they learn about the uniqueness of Dawat Fatimiyyah as compared to other empires, which rose and fell but the Dawat Fatimiyyah will remain till Qayamat.

Some of the events, which they learn in History, are:

  • Prehistoric Man
  • Ice Age
  • Stone Age
  • Indus Civilization
  • Mehrgarh
  • Egyptian Civilization
  • Roman Empire
  • Greek Civilization
  • Crusades
  • Renaissance
  • Industrial Revolution
  • World War I & II
  • History of Independence of Pakistan

The following syllabus is being currently followed in Al Madrasa for History:

Oxford History 1
Oxford History of Pakistan Book 1
Oxford History of Pakistan Book 2
Oxford History of Pakistan Book 3
Class V
Class VI
Class VII
Class VIII