Events of 2020 – 2021

اردو قواعد و ضوابط

۱۰ نومبر

Sports Week

5th November, 2021

Sports Week

4th November, 2021

Sports Week

Sports Week

3rd November, 2021

Sports Week

2nd November, 2021

Sports Week

1st November, 2021

International Chocolate Day Competition

13th September, 2021

Investiture Ceremony 2021-22

8th September, 2021

Hifz program for Grade 5

1st July 2021

First Day Darees

1st July 2021

Mathopedia Upper-Primary-Secondary

3rd March, 2021

Mini Sports Week

8th March, 2021

An interactive session conducted by the teams #trashit & #jugnufilms in collaboration with #NATGEO

23rd February’2021

Enterprise Challenge Pakistan ( ECP)

16th February, 2021

Quaid e Azam Interclub Archery Championship

17th January, 2021

Quaide Azam Interclub Archery Competition

25th December, 2020

Archery Championship 2020

2nd December, 2020

15th of Zilqadatil Haram 1441H

Yesterday, on the night of the urus of Al Dai al Ajal Syedna Taiyab Zainuddin RA, Aqa Maula Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS in His bayan Mubarak of 1438H. had mentioned about the time of floods in Surat. During those difficult and extraordinary times Syedna Taiyab Zainuddin RA ensured that food and every necessity …

Sherullah Reflection

I begin writing on this night, the 30th of Sherullah il Moazzam, with a heavy heart as this auspicious month departs us. Parting with Sherullah is difficult every year. We welcome it as our esteemed guest with due honour and utmost respect. It is a month that acts as a shield from all vices which …

The Annual Sports Day, 2020 at Al- Nadil Burhani

22nd February, 2020

Pre-Primary toddlers conduct the beach cleaning activity at The Seaview Beach

10th February, 2020

Umrah trip for the Secondary Students of MSB-Shabbirabad

16th of December, 2019

Presentation by class 3A on Sportsmanship.

20th February, 2020

“Halumma Naqrao” – Let’s Come Together and Recite!

21st February, 2020


25th January, 2020

Benefits of Healthy Food Presented By Grade 5

23rd January, 2020

Commemorating an Unforgettable Sacrifice

21st February, 2020

The 8th International English Olympiad

21st February, 2020

MSB Educational Institute’s Mathopedia (Upper Primary and Secondary)

4th February 2020

Schoolathon 2020

10th till 12th January, 2020


8th January, 2020

Primary Presentation on Maulatena Fatema AS

8th January, 2020

A Soulful Tradition

21st, January, 2020

Burhanuddin Mannan wins the Honourable Mention award in BVS-MUN

22th January, 2020

MSB-Shabbirabad shines in the Robotics Competition

16th to 25th January, 2020

Pre Primary and Primary Section’s Annual Sports Day, 2019

20th December, 2019

MSB-Shabbirabad participates in MUNIK XI

10th, 11th and 12th January, 2020

Be like a honey bee

14th January, 2020

MSB- Shabbirabad at Sindh Governor House

5th January, 2020

MSB Educational Institute’s Literature Festival, 2019

20th December, 2019

Milaad Program 109 -76

Milaad Program 109 -76

Milaad program 109 -76

Milaad program 109 -76

Electricity and Magnetism


Rasulullah (SAW) states: ‘Barakat lies with your Elders’

29th November, 2019

Science & Sound

21st November‎, ‎2019

Education beyond National Boundaries

15th December 2019

Yay — let’s go to the Zoo!!

1st November, 2019

This Week – Focusing on a Sense of Shame

1st November, 2019

Musabaqatu Zakereen waz Zakeraat 1440H – 1441H

September 23rd and 24th

Ashara Mubaraka 1441H Quiz and Zakereen Musabaqat in Pursuit of Maula’s TUS Happiness

8th November, ‎2019

Convocation Ceremony 2018-19

26th ‎October, ‎2019

Dawn Spelling Bee competition

7th November 2019

High Achievers of the Academic Year 2018 – 2019

2018 – 2019

23 Amal Ohbat Activities

23 Amal Ohbat Activities

Focus on Your Goal, Not the Obstacles

25th ‎October, ‎2019


18th October , 2019

Maraz us Shaam & Bait ul Muqaddas

12th Oct 2019

Sharaf of Preparing Mohabbat ni Roti and Thaali Distribution

10th & 11th October 2019


4th – 10th October 2019

Anger Management

8th October‎, ‎2019

Merry time at the museum

4th October 2019

Wake up call!!!!

01st Oct 2019

Little Ambassadors at Work

27th September, ‎2019

The Horse-Cart Ride

20th September 2019

Noha wal Aweel Majlis by Pre-primary Zakereen and Zakeraat

18th September 2019

Ightinamul Ashara til Mubaraka 1441H

16th September, ‎2019

Investiture ceremony

07 September 2016

Musabaqato hifz e fehwa marsiyatain sharifatain

09 September 2016

Water babies

27th August, 2019


23rd & 28th August 2019

Our Country Our Pride!

21st Aug 2019

A Robotic Affair At Msb Shabbirabad!

21st Aug 2019

Hajj presentation for class 6 – 11

9th August 2019

Pre-Primary Section Learn About Hajj

8th August 2019

Investiture Ceremony

2nd August 2019

Aqa Maula TUS bestowed the Sharaf of His Qudoom Mubarak to MSB

26th July 2019

Tarbiyat Week

3rd – 5th July, 2019


Physics Physics Aims/Objectives of the National Curriculum (2000) Aims According to the National Curriculum, the aims of teaching Physics at the SSC level are: To develop curiosity about physical phenomena and informed appreciation of the physical world. Also to lay greater emphasis on understanding and application of physical principles than on the rote learning of …


Chemistry Chemistry Aims/Objectives of the National Curriculum (2000) Aims According to the National Curriculum the broad aims of this subject are that the students should be able to: Develop an interest in Chemistry. Seek knowledge and enjoyment from the subject of Chemistry. Develop an ability to think scientifically. Acquire an ability to perform experiments. Acquire …


Biology Aims/Objectives of the National Curriculum (2000) Aims According to National Curriculum the board aims of the Biology course are to: Enable the student to appreciate that Allah (S.W.T) is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. Broaden and stimulate student’s interest in and enjoyment of learning Biology and to help them to acquire self …

Insha (Essay)

Insha (Essay)



Al Adab

Al Adab

Al Akhbar

Al Akhbar

Al Fiqeh

Al Fiqeh

Al Quran

Al Quran

Tarbiyat Diniyah

Tarbiyat Diniyah

Dua wal Hifz

Dua wal Hifz



Al lisan ul Arabi

Al lisan ul Arabi

Al Quran

Al Quran

Qaida Saifiya Burhaniyah

Qaida Saifiya Burhaniyah

Dua wal Hifz

Dua wal Hifz

Tarbiyat Diniyah

Tarbiyat Diniyah



International Cats Contest

16th April 2019

Nehlat al-Imla 1440H

12th April 2019

Interschool Declamation Competition

9th April 2019

Be a Child with your Child

11th – 15th March 2019

Class 4 Field Trip

16th March 2019

Art Splash

09th March 2019

Young Nut-ty Minds

13th December 2018

Celebrating Milad e Imam uz Zaman at MSB Shabbirabad

12th December 2018

Skating at MSB Shabbirabad

1st December 2018

The Sports Day, 2018

30th November 2018

Creative Writing and Poster Making Competition!

16th November 2018

International Kangaroo Linguistic Competition

15th November 2018

Ashara Mubaraka Quiz Competition 1440H

13th November 2018

The Super Mini Sport Fest

10th November 2018

Graduation Ceremony

27th October, 2018

The Spell Art

19th October 2018

Last Snack Time Turns into Fun Time

31st May 2012

A Rendezvous with Water!

21st- 25th May 2012

A Decision Discussed

16th May 2012

MSB at the National Museum

10th May 2012

Learning with fun!

2nd May 2012

More Awards Come MSB’s Way

29th April 2012

The Class I’s begin Qur’an e Majeed

Jumadal Ukhra

Isn’t Earth Day, Everyday?

22nd April 2012

Mithi shitabi at MSB

2nd April 2012

The Alumni Pays their tribute to their Mentor

3rd April 2012

Best of Three at Hand Ball!

2nd April 2012

Off to the ZOO!

21st & 22nd March 2012

Tahani Amidst a Colourful Morn with the Pre-Primary

16th March 2012


18th February 2012

MSB Celebrates Milaad in an Array of Joy and Happiness

6th March 2012

MSBIANS Stand Out at the TKM Spelling Bee Contest

19th February 2012

The STARS at MSB shine Brightly once more

18th February 2012

Writing Contest By The AKU IED

17th January 2012

The 5th Inter School Sports Meet 2012

14th February 2012

Ayyamut taabudaat activity milad 101


Ashara Activities

Ashara Mubaraka

MSB Gathers in Memory, in Respect, in Tribute & Homage

31st January 2012

In Memory of As-Syed-ul-Ajal wal-Humam-ul- Mubajjal Shehzada Huzaifa Bhaisaheb Mohyuddin Saheb(QR)’s

20th January 2012

The Khidmat of Faiz-al- Mawaid-ul-Burhaniyah

20th January 2012

The Demise of a Guiding Beacon for Momineen and Especially MSB

16th January 2011

In Honour of Chehlum of Imam Hussain (SAW)

12th January 2012

Class III’s Talent Show & General Quiz

15th December 2011

Reading is Fun!

22nd November 2011

Class IV’s Present A Talent Show

21st November 2011

Hurrah ! We’re Off To The Zoo

19th November 2011

MSB Meets KPS At A Friendly Table Tennis Match

18th November 2011

Farman and Misaal-Shariff Regarding Eid-e-Gadir-e-Khum

18th Zilhaj

The Hajj Season at MSB

11th November 2011

MSB’s Meet At A Cricket Match

29th October 2011

Maiden Game of Roll Ball on the MSB Grounds

26th and 27th October 2011

Parent teachers’ Meet in the Pre-Primary

27th October 2011


6th October 2011

Parent Teachers’ Meet in the Primary Section

3rd – 6th October 2011

Inter School Throw ball Match

12th October 2011

Oral Health Week at MSB

10th – 14th October 2011

Quran Ibtida of Class 1

1st February 2011

The 7th DAWN Spelling Bee Contest

27th September 2011

MSB Haidery and MSB Shabbirabad meet in a friendly match

26th September 2011

An excursion to Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah to Gather Barakaat

26th September 2011

Season of Ibadat at MSB

19th August 2011

MSB Celebrates Pakistan’s Independence

12th August 2011

The Orientation Meet

11th August 2011

Wajebaat Bethak at MSB

9th August 2011

The New Academic Year begins at MSB

29th July 2011

MSB Management Bids Farewell to Janab Amil Saheb Shabbir bs Nomani and ummal Kiram

19th May 2011

Friendly Inter School Tournaments

14th January 2011

MSB Creates news on the sports front

9th February 2011


16th January 2011

Water Play

12th – 14th May 2011

Reading is Fun

28th April 2011

The General Staff Meet

18th April 2011

Let’s make the world a better home for you and for me

22nd April 2011

Alumni Counselling Session

21st April 2011

The Reading Meet

10th March 2011

Tabudaat Report 1432 – Secondary


Tabudaat Report 1432 – Pre Primary & Primary


MSB Staff Friendly Throw Ball Match

4th April 2011

In House Training at MSB

28th – 31st March 2011

Milaad Decoration

5 Mar 2011

100 Minutes in Matam at MSB

22nd March 2011

A portrayal of joy at MSB with mehendi

8 – 22 Mar 2011

100 Minutes of Tahani

17th March 2011

MSB celebrates Milaad e Meavi at Burhani Mahal

7th March 2011

Shahadat Meet

28 Jan 2011

Haflato Milaad-e-Miavi

6th March 2011

Izhaar-ul-Masarraat programme at MSB

23rd February 2011

The 5th international Quran Majeed Competition

23rd Feb 2011

MSB Mid term Exam 2009


Educational Activity Report

4th January 2010

Seminar On Food Hygiene

22nd March 2010

Queen Lear Play by Class VIII

29th March 2010

Library Quiz

9th January 2010

Educational Activity Report

10th January 2010

Poster Making Competition

11th January 2010

Mohatta Palace

3rd March 2010

Maths Supermarket

25th March 2010

Parents Workshop 2010

31st March 2010

Taabudat Day Report

99th Milaad Mubarak

March 23,2010 (Pakistan Resolution)

23rd March 2010

Milaad Mehndi 1431

1st April 2010

2nd Aug MSB Darees

2nd August 2010

Daris Mubarak New Academic Year 2010-2011

2nd August 2010

Independence Day celebration 14 August 2010

14th August 2010

Flood Relief Camp Oraganised By MSB Shabbirababd

Flood 2010

Wajebaat Bethak 1431

10th Ramazan Ul Moazzam

Manora Trip

After Mid

Nursery 1st Day 2010

1st Day 2010

Typhoid Vaccine

2nd February 2011

Quran Ibtida of Class 1

1st February 2011

Into The Realms Of Science


Spelling Bee Contest 2010


Spelling Bee Inhouse Activity 2010



December 2010


29th September 2010

Medical Check Up 2010

27th September 2010

Karachi Through Our Eyes

16 Oct 2010

First Aid Activity 2010

25 Oct 2010

Independence Day Celebration

14th August 2009

Istibsaar Report MSB Karachi

February 2010

98th Milaad Mubarak MSB Taabodaat programme 1430 H

98th Milaad

Computer Activities


MSB Mid term Exam 2009

December 2009

Aqa Maula (TUS) Zabihat Amal MSB Shabbirabad


Hifz Report 30th Sipara

October 2009

Exhilarating News for MSB Karachi

October 2009

Exhilarating News for MSB Karachi

October 2009

Exhilarating News for MSB Karachi

October 2009

Fire Exit Oct 2009

October 2009

Annual Sports Day 2008

25th October 2008

Wadah Meeting

17th May

5th All Inter School Science Exhibition 07

24th – 26th March 2009

Tabudaat Notice

10th Rabi Ul Akhir 1428H

Career Biography


Primary Student’s Activites


Musabaqat ul Qaeda tis Saifiya til Burhaniya

19th Safar-ul-Muzaffar 1428H

Goal Setting Workshop by Dr Meher Rizvi

12th April 2008

Pre-Primary Inter madaris meet 2008

15th August 2008

MSB first Day of the new academic year 2008-09 report

1st August 2008

Importance and Symbolic Significance of the Pakistani Flag

8th August 2009

One more feather in the MSB’s cap Shabbirabad

Zikra 1429

Educational Camp 2008

10th October 2008

Colours Programme Report

31st October 2008

Theme of the month October 2008

October 2008

4th Inter School Athletic Meet

22nd September 2008

National Science Olympiad 2008-2009

23rd and 24th December 2008

The Family Park Inaugration Ceremony

14th December 2008

MSB Maths Olympiad Position Holders

24th November 2008

Open Day 07-08

22nd November 2007

Essays by the Primary Student of MSB (1st Term 2007-2008)

17th March 2008

Scout Camp 2008 report

14th – 16th March 2008

Essay by the Primary Students of MSB(Autobiography)

2nd October 2007

Annual Checkup Report of MSB Students

14th September – 1st October 2007

Student of MSB won the best Quran-e-Majeed Qiraat Award

1st November 2007

Independece Day Celebration (In Urdu)

20th August 2007

Celebration of 60 Years of Pakistan on 14th August 07 at MSB

14th August 2007

Uloom Arabia Monday Activity Presentation 07

30th Rajab Ul Asab

A Renaissance in Education

Summer 2007

Tabudaat Programme Winners Name

8th June 2007

Annual Examination Prize Distribution

7th June 2007

Final Term Result Collection 2007

7th June 2007

The Soft Board Display Competition

96th Milad

Johar Park Adoption of Adjecent Plot Handing Ceremony

28th May 2007

Qaida Saifiya Burhaniyah

25th Moharram

The Third Annual Inter School Athletic Meet

7th January 2006

Science Exhibition

25th March 2006

Inter School Throw Ball Tournament

14th August 2006

Annual Athletic Meet

15th January 2006

Sind Cultural Exhibition

15th January 2006

Annual Sports Day

15th January 2005

Dawn Spelling Bee Contest


Open Day Presentation – Educational Camp

18th – 23rd September 2005

Open Day Presentation – Science Congress

3rd September 2005

Open Day Presentation – Sports

3rd September 2005

Open Day Presentation – Extra Curricular Activities

3rd September 2005

Open Day Presentation – Upper Primary & Secondary Vision & Goals

3rd September 2005

Open Day Presentation – Primary Vision & Goals

3rd September 2005

Open Day Presentation – Pre Primary Vision & Goals

3rd September 2005

Open Day Presentation – Vision & Goals

3rd September 2005

Open Day Presentation – Achievement

3rd September 2005

Open Day Presentation

3rd September 2005

Medical Checkup 2005-2006

16th August – 20th August 2005

Educational Camp Quetta and Ziyarat – Day 7

24th September 2005

Educational Camp Quetta and Ziyarat – Day 6

23rd September 2005

Educational Camp Quetta and Ziyarat – Day 5

22nd September 2005

Educational Camp Quetta and Ziyarat – Day 4

21st September 2005

Educational Camp Quetta and Ziyarat – Day 3

20th September 2005

Educational Camp Quetta and Ziyarat – Day 2

19th September 2005

Educational Camp Quetta and Ziyarat – Day 1

18th September 2005

Educational Camp Quetta and Ziyarat

18th – 24th September 2005

Belt Awarding Ceremony

15th September 2004

Educational Camp to Azad Kashmir

23rd – 30th April 2004

Science Congress

Year 2004 – 2005

The Upper Primary & Secondary End of Year Picnic

27th June 2013

Inauguration of the Water Pavilion

20th June 2013

The jewels Meet in a Quiz Competition

11th April 2013

The War Against Moharamaat Campaign

5th April 2013

The Greatest Gift is a Passion for Reading

3rd April 2013

Toloba ul Kulliyaat Host the SPELLING BEE

31st March 2013

Mithi Shitabi at MSB

27th March 2013

Say “NO” to Moharramaat Walk

29th March 2013

Hifz ul Qur’an Musabaqat at Pre-Primary

7th March 2013

Know evil to be able to recognize it and abstain from it

15th March 2013

Clean the Environment Drive at MSB

28th February 2013

An Array of Activities in the Upper Primary & Secondary

26th February 2013

Labbaik Ya Dai ya Allah

07th March 2013

Friendly Throw ball Match

21st February 2013

Tree Planting Venture at MSB

26th February 2013

Hayat Tayyebah Quiz in the Pre-Primary

6th March 2013

102 Minutes Matam at MSB

1st March 2013

Musabaqato Arkaan il Wuzu

13th February 2013

Izhaar ul Masaraat Milaad Darees

26th February 2013

Izhaar ul Masaraat Pre-Primary Sport Meet

26th February 2013

Izhaar ul Masaraat Primary Funfair

26th Feb 2013 

Izhaar ul Masaraat Primary Marsiyah Haflat

26th February 2013

Craft learnt at Upper Primary & Secondary

26th February 2013

Haflat-Ut-Tarannum At MSB

16th February 2013

Mehendi at MSB

13th february 2013

Musabaqat for Hifz Ul Quran

7th February 2013

Workshop on Empowering Economic Success by INJAZ Pakistan

4th Feb 2013

The Primary Math Whiz Meet

22nd January 2013

MSB Remembers its Mentor and Rector

4th January 2013

ISA Project Inspiration.

21st  December 2012

The Pre-Primary Celebrate Animal Week

December 2012

Annual Inter House Sports Meet 2012

24th December 2012

Medical Check up at MSB

10th -30th October 2012

The Prefects Take Their Oaths at MSB

4th December 2012

The Upper Primary Meet for Handball

8th November 2012 

The Primary Section ‘Mini Games fun day ’

29th November 2012

Ashara Ohbat 1434

12th November 2012

A Learning Venture at MSB

3rd November 2012

Inter House Throwball Match

22nd October 2012

The Seniors Meet in a Cricket Tournament

18th October 2012

Global Hand Washing Day

15th October 2012

Zikra Milaad Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) at MSB

11th October 2012.

HuzureAala (TUS) Bestows Muraqebeen the Sharaf of Ziyafat

9th September 2012

The Dawn Spelling Bee

26th – 29th September 2012

MSB blessed by Moulaya Aali Qadr (TUS)

12th August 2012

Snack Time at MSB

11th August 2012

Orientaion Meet in the Pre-Primary

10th August 2012

MSB Begins Its New Academic Year

8th August 2012

The Class II’s Beat the Heat within the Cool Pool

28th April 2014

Mega General Knowledge Quiz Program in the Primary

3rd May 2014

The MSB Educational Fair 2014

26th April 2014

Earth Day Celebration In The Primary

22nd  April 2014

Pre- Primary Celebrate Earth Day

22nd April 2014

Parent Teacher Meeting Upper Primary Section

5th April 2014

The Pre- Primary Celebrate Pakistan

17th – 21st March 2014 

Inter-House Hand Ball Tournament at MSB

21st March 2013

A Parent Teacher’s Meet in the Pre-Primary and Primary

22nd March 2014

Mithi Shitabi at MSB

20th March 2014

MSB at the Dolphin Show

6th & 7th March 2014

MSB Holds a Career Counselling Session for the Seniors

28th February 2014

MSB Is Graced With The Hasanaat Of Commencing Al-Quran With Moula (TUS)

27th February 2014


16th Rabi-ul-Awwal

MSB Re-opens with HuzureAala Syedna Aali Qadr Mufadal Saifuddin (TUS)’s raza mubarak

22nd January 2014

Shahadat Recitaion & Iqtebasaat Nooraniyah Quiz in the Primary

3rd January 2014

A bonfire at MSB to Enjoy the Winters

3rd January 2014

Inter House Sports Meet at MSB

21st December 2013

The Pre-Primary Stage and Sports Meet

19th December 2013

Class V Visits the Chocolate Factory

12th December 2013


12th December 2013

Investiture ceremony at MSB

9th December 2013

MSB Participates at Inter-School Level

23rd November 2013

Ashara Mubarakah Ohbat at MSB

31st October 2013

MSB gets the sharaf of Niyaaz e Hussain (AS)

9th Moharram

The Animal Theme in the Pre-Primary

29th – 31st October 2013

AKU Middle School Assessment Framework

Year 2012 – 2013

Medical Checkup at MSB

7th – 25th October 2013


12th October 2013

MSB Joins SUPARCO in their Space Week Celebration

4th – 11th October 2013

Sky Simulation Show‏

7th October 2013

An Inter-School Girls Throwball Competition

1st October 2013

The Orientation Meet for the Upper Primary & Secondary Sections

28th September 2013

An Exciting Inter-School Cricket Match

25th September 2013

MSBIANS attend an Education EXPO

24th September 2013

The Orientation Meet Pre-Primary & Primary

21st September 2013

The Upper Primary gear up to act upon the tawjeehaat of Moulaya Aali Qadr (TUS)

28th August 2013

Activity Time in the Upper Primary

21st August 2013

The Year at MSB Begins

8th August 2013

The Pre-Primary Celebrate Earth Day at School

28th March 2015

The Primary At Sea View on a Cleaning Excursion

27th March 2015

The Upper Primary on a Cleaning Expedition Around Yusufi Mohalla

25th March 2015

The Pre-Primary Celebrate Pakistan Day

20th March 2015

The Pre-Primary Visit Mazaar e Quaid e Azam

Date 19th March

The Educational Fair 2015

4th April 2015

Mithi Shitabi and Darees Mubarak in Memory of Al-Hayyul Muqaddas Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA)

6th March 2015


27th February 2015

Reading Competition for Prep II’s

27th February 2015

Classes II & IV Visit Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah

24th & 25th February 2015

Reading Competition for Prep I’s

13th February

Izhaar ul Masarraat at MSB

4th and 6th February

Primary enjoy a Bonfire in the cold Winters

28th December 2014

First Term Results

26th December 2014

Annual Inter-House Athletic Meet 2014-2015

24th December 2014

Shehzada Aliasgher Bhaisaheb Kalimuddin Saheb DM graces Al-Madrasa with His Esteemed Presence

23rd December 2014

Class II goes on a trip around Karachi

4th December 2014

Class III at the Fire Station

3rd December 2014

The Senior Girls at an Inter-School Throw-ball Meet

29th November 2014

Career Counselling for the seniors

20th November 2014

The Prefects Investiture’s Ceremony

17th November 2014

A Fun-Filled Morning at the Zoo

13th November 2014

A Visit To The Meteorological Department

30th September & 1st October 2014

Blood Screening at Al-Madrasa

22nd- 30th September 2014

Celebrate Reading With The Lady Bird

25th September 2014

Trip To The Zoo

12th September 2014

Workshop on Home Sciences conducted by the Students of Al Jamea tus Saifiyah

19th September 2014

Inter-School Hand Ball Tournament

4th September 2014

The Trip to Paramount Books

8th- 11th September 2014

Al-Madrasa in a Handball Tournament with Smart School

16th September 2014

The Pre-Primary Visit Al-Jamea- tus- Saifiyah

10th – 12th September 2014

The Academic Planning Meet in the Pre-Primary

30th September 2014

Academic & Vision Plan Meet at MSB for Classes 1 to 11″o”

23rd August 2014

The New Year Begins

8th August 2014

MSB Receives the sharaf of Deedar at Burhani Mahal

Ramazan Ul Moazzam

Re-opening with the barakaat of Darees Mubarak and Orientation

1st August 2015

A Display of Our Patriotic Spirit

13th August 2015

Moula TUS Graces Al-Madrasa-tus-Saifiya-tul-Burhaniyah with the Sharaf of Ziyafat

25th Zilqa’adatil Haraam

The Pre-Primary Visit Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah

16th -18th September 2015

Visit To A Zoo

26th November 2015

Bhambore and Chaukandi Tombs

4th February 2016

Candy Land Factory

8th February 2016.

The Places I Love To Visit

9th February 2016

Visit To Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah

10th Febraury 2015

Genetic Department – Karachi university

12th February 2015

a2z Little Champs Art and Creative Writing Contest

13th February 2015

Toyota Art competition

21st February 2016

The International Kangaroo Linguistic Competition (IKLC) 2015

November 2015

Orientation Programme (Upper Primary & Secondary Section)

29th July 2016

Orientation Programmed Pre- Primary & Primary Section

30th July 2016

The New Year Begins with the Barakaat of Darees Mubarak

1st August 2016

Bernamaju izhare noha wal aweel at Burhani Mahel

28th August 2016

The New Year Begins with the Barakaat of Darees Mubarak

27th July 2017

Independence Day Celebration at MSB

12th August 2017

Our Country Our Pride!

16th August 2017

Azharoo Noha Aalaweel

18th August 2017


13th October 2017

A Fun-Filled Morning at the Zoo

7th November, 2017

MSBEE’S Edu-Buzz

27th March 2018

21th February 2018

MSB Prepares Ghilaaf
For Rauzatun Tahera
By Seniors

20th February 2018

A Career Counselling Was
Held At MSB For The

5th February 2018

Parent Teacher Meeting
For Upper Primary

27th February 2018

A Bornfire Was Held
At MSB To Enjoy

29th February 2018

Hand Ball Competition
Was Held At MSB
For Seniors

8th February 2018

Sports Day At MSB Was
Held For Primary

World Food Day

12th October 2018

Zakireen Workshop

04th September 2018

Healthy Breakfast Buffet for Pri-Primary

04th September 2018

Pre-Primary Visit Mazar-e-Quaid

16th August 2018

Independence Day Celebration

14th August 2018

Investiture Ceremony

13th August 2018

Noha Awil Majlis

8th August 2018


28th July 2018

Open day Darees

27th July 2018


19th March 2017

Educational Fair 2017

4th March 2017

Annual Sports Meet 2017

4th February 2017

Math –O – Pedia

5th January 2017

Tijarat Rabeha & Quran Musabaqat

9th December 2016

Pre-Primary Sports 2016-17

Pre-Primary Sports 2016-17 26th November 2016

Stage Drama “The Merchant of Venice”

26th October ‎2016

Online Matam Majlis with MSB Nasik

08th September 2016

Deedaar & Najwa Araz Sharaf at Yousufi Mohallah

27th August 2016