Events of 2012 – 2013

The Upper Primary & Secondary End of Year Picnic

27th June 2013

Inauguration of the Water Pavilion

20th June 2013

The jewels Meet in a Quiz Competition

11th April 2013

The War Against Moharamaat Campaign

5th April 2013

The Greatest Gift is a Passion for Reading

3rd April 2013

Toloba ul Kulliyaat Host the SPELLING BEE

31st March 2013

Mithi Shitabi at MSB

27th March 2013

Say “NO” to Moharramaat Walk

29th March 2013

Hifz ul Qur’an Musabaqat at Pre-Primary

7th March 2013

Know evil to be able to recognize it and abstain from it

15th March 2013

Clean the Environment Drive at MSB

28th February 2013

An Array of Activities in the Upper Primary & Secondary

26th February 2013

Labbaik Ya Dai ya Allah

07th March 2013

Friendly Throw ball Match

21st February 2013

Tree Planting Venture at MSB

26th February 2013

Hayat Tayyebah Quiz in the Pre-Primary

6th March 2013

102 Minutes Matam at MSB

1st March 2013

Musabaqato Arkaan il Wuzu

13th February 2013

Izhaar ul Masaraat Milaad Darees

26th February 2013

Izhaar ul Masaraat Pre-Primary Sport Meet

26th February 2013

Izhaar ul Masaraat Primary Funfair

26th Feb 2013 

Izhaar ul Masaraat Primary Marsiyah Haflat

26th February 2013

Craft learnt at Upper Primary & Secondary

26th February 2013

Haflat-Ut-Tarannum At MSB

16th February 2013

Mehendi at MSB

13th february 2013

Musabaqat for Hifz Ul Quran

7th February 2013

Workshop on Empowering Economic Success by INJAZ Pakistan

4th Feb 2013

The Primary Math Whiz Meet

22nd January 2013

MSB Remembers its Mentor and Rector

4th January 2013

ISA Project Inspiration.

21st  December 2012

The Pre-Primary Celebrate Animal Week

December 2012

Annual Inter House Sports Meet 2012

24th December 2012

Medical Check up at MSB

10th -30th October 2012

The Prefects Take Their Oaths at MSB

4th December 2012

The Upper Primary Meet for Handball

8th November 2012 

The Primary Section ‘Mini Games fun day ’

29th November 2012

Ashara Ohbat 1434

12th November 2012

A Learning Venture at MSB

3rd November 2012

Inter House Throwball Match

22nd October 2012

The Seniors Meet in a Cricket Tournament

18th October 2012

Global Hand Washing Day

15th October 2012

Zikra Milaad Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) at MSB

11th October 2012.

HuzureAala (TUS) Bestows Muraqebeen the Sharaf of Ziyafat

9th September 2012

The Dawn Spelling Bee

26th – 29th September 2012

MSB blessed by Moulaya Aali Qadr (TUS)

12th August 2012

Snack Time at MSB

11th August 2012

Orientaion Meet in the Pre-Primary

10th August 2012

MSB Begins Its New Academic Year

8th August 2012