Events of 2011 – 2012

Last Snack Time Turns into Fun Time

31st May 2012

A Rendezvous with Water!

21st- 25th May 2012

A Decision Discussed

16th May 2012

MSB at the National Museum

10th May 2012

Learning with fun!

2nd May 2012

More Awards Come MSB’s Way

29th April 2012

The Class I’s begin Qur’an e Majeed

Jumadal Ukhra

Isn’t Earth Day, Everyday?

22nd April 2012

Mithi shitabi at MSB

2nd April 2012

The Alumni Pays their tribute to their Mentor

3rd April 2012

Best of Three at Hand Ball!

2nd April 2012

Off to the ZOO!

21st & 22nd March 2012

Tahani Amidst a Colourful Morn with the Pre-Primary

16th March 2012


18th February 2012

MSB Celebrates Milaad in an Array of Joy and Happiness

6th March 2012

MSBIANS Stand Out at the TKM Spelling Bee Contest

19th February 2012

The STARS at MSB shine Brightly once more

18th February 2012

Writing Contest By The AKU IED

17th January 2012

The 5th Inter School Sports Meet 2012

14th February 2012

Ayyamut taabudaat activity milad 101


Ashara Activities

Ashara Mubaraka

MSB Gathers in Memory, in Respect, in Tribute & Homage

31st January 2012

In Memory of As-Syed-ul-Ajal wal-Humam-ul- Mubajjal Shehzada Huzaifa Bhaisaheb Mohyuddin Saheb(QR)’s

20th January 2012

The Khidmat of Faiz-al- Mawaid-ul-Burhaniyah

20th January 2012

The Demise of a Guiding Beacon for Momineen and Especially MSB

16th January 2011

In Honour of Chehlum of Imam Hussain (SAW)

12th January 2012

Class III’s Talent Show & General Quiz

15th December 2011

Reading is Fun!

22nd November 2011

Class IV’s Present A Talent Show

21st November 2011

Hurrah ! We’re Off To The Zoo

19th November 2011

MSB Meets KPS At A Friendly Table Tennis Match

18th November 2011

Farman and Misaal-Shariff Regarding Eid-e-Gadir-e-Khum

18th Zilhaj

The Hajj Season at MSB

11th November 2011

MSB’s Meet At A Cricket Match

29th October 2011

Maiden Game of Roll Ball on the MSB Grounds

26th and 27th October 2011

Parent teachers’ Meet in the Pre-Primary

27th October 2011


6th October 2011

Parent Teachers’ Meet in the Primary Section

3rd – 6th October 2011

Inter School Throw ball Match

12th October 2011

Oral Health Week at MSB

10th – 14th October 2011

Quran Ibtida of Class 1

1st February 2011

The 7th DAWN Spelling Bee Contest

27th September 2011

MSB Haidery and MSB Shabbirabad meet in a friendly match

26th September 2011

An excursion to Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah to Gather Barakaat

26th September 2011

Season of Ibadat at MSB

19th August 2011

MSB Celebrates Pakistan’s Independence

12th August 2011

The Orientation Meet

11th August 2011

Wajebaat Bethak at MSB

9th August 2011

The New Academic Year begins at MSB

29th July 2011

MSB Management Bids Farewell to Janab Amil Saheb Shabbir bs Nomani and ummal Kiram

19th May 2011

Friendly Inter School Tournaments

14th January 2011

MSB Creates news on the sports front

9th February 2011


16th January 2011

Water Play

12th – 14th May 2011

Reading is Fun

28th April 2011

The General Staff Meet

18th April 2011

Let’s make the world a better home for you and for me

22nd April 2011

Alumni Counselling Session

21st April 2011

The Reading Meet

10th March 2011

Tabudaat Report 1432 – Secondary


Tabudaat Report 1432 – Pre Primary & Primary


MSB Staff Friendly Throw Ball Match

4th April 2011

In House Training at MSB

28th – 31st March 2011

Milaad Decoration

5 Mar 2011

100 Minutes in Matam at MSB

22nd March 2011

A portrayal of joy at MSB with mehendi

8 – 22 Mar 2011

100 Minutes of Tahani

17th March 2011

MSB celebrates Milaad e Meavi at Burhani Mahal

7th March 2011

Shahadat Meet

28 Jan 2011

Haflato Milaad-e-Miavi

6th March 2011

Izhaar-ul-Masarraat programme at MSB

23rd February 2011

The 5th international Quran Majeed Competition

23rd Feb 2011