Events of 2007 – 2008

The Family Park Inaugration Ceremony

14th December 2008

MSB Maths Olympiad Position Holders

24th November 2008

Open Day 07-08

22nd November 2007

Essays by the Primary Student of MSB (1st Term 2007-2008)

17th March 2008

Scout Camp 2008 report

14th – 16th March 2008

Essay by the Primary Students of MSB(Autobiography)

2nd October 2007

Annual Checkup Report of MSB Students

14th September – 1st October 2007

Student of MSB won the best Quran-e-Majeed Qiraat Award

1st November 2007

Independece Day Celebration (In Urdu)

20th August 2007

Celebration of 60 Years of Pakistan on 14th August 07 at MSB

14th August 2007

Uloom Arabia Monday Activity Presentation 07

30th Rajab Ul Asab

A Renaissance in Education

Summer 2007

Tabudaat Programme Winners Name

8th June 2007

Annual Examination Prize Distribution

7th June 2007

Final Term Result Collection 2007

7th June 2007

The Soft Board Display Competition

96th Milad

Johar Park Adoption of Adjecent Plot Handing Ceremony

28th May 2007