Events of 2019 – 2020

The Annual Sports Day, 2020 at Al- Nadil Burhani

22nd February, 2020

Pre-Primary toddlers conduct the beach cleaning activity at The Seaview Beach

10th February, 2020

Umrah trip for the Secondary Students of MSB-Shabbirabad

16th of December, 2019

Presentation by class 3A on Sportsmanship.

20th February, 2020

“Halumma Naqrao” – Let’s Come Together and Recite!

21st February, 2020


25th January, 2020

Benefits of Healthy Food Presented By Grade 5

23rd January, 2020

Commemorating an Unforgettable Sacrifice

21st February, 2020

The 8th International English Olympiad

21st February, 2020

MSB Educational Institute’s Mathopedia (Upper Primary and Secondary)

4th February 2020

Schoolathon 2020

10th till 12th January, 2020


8th January, 2020

Primary Presentation on Maulatena Fatema AS

8th January, 2020

A Soulful Tradition

21st, January, 2020

Burhanuddin Mannan wins the Honourable Mention award in BVS-MUN

22th January, 2020

MSB-Shabbirabad shines in the Robotics Competition

16th to 25th January, 2020

Pre Primary and Primary Section’s Annual Sports Day, 2019

20th December, 2019

MSB-Shabbirabad participates in MUNIK XI

10th, 11th and 12th January, 2020

Be like a honey bee

14th January, 2020

MSB- Shabbirabad at Sindh Governor House

5th January, 2020

MSB Educational Institute’s Literature Festival, 2019

20th December, 2019

Milaad Program 109 -76

Milaad Program 109 -76

Milaad program 109 -76

Milaad program 109 -76

Electricity and Magnetism


Rasulullah (SAW) states: ‘Barakat lies with your Elders’

29th November, 2019

Science & Sound

21st November‎, ‎2019

Education beyond National Boundaries

15th December 2019

Yay — let’s go to the Zoo!!

1st November, 2019

This Week – Focusing on a Sense of Shame

1st November, 2019

Musabaqatu Zakereen waz Zakeraat 1440H – 1441H

September 23rd and 24th

Ashara Mubaraka 1441H Quiz and Zakereen Musabaqat in Pursuit of Maula’s TUS Happiness

8th November, ‎2019

Convocation Ceremony 2018-19

26th ‎October, ‎2019

Dawn Spelling Bee competition

7th November 2019

High Achievers of the Academic Year 2018 – 2019

2018 – 2019

23 Amal Ohbat Activities

23 Amal Ohbat Activities

Focus on Your Goal, Not the Obstacles

25th ‎October, ‎2019


18th October , 2019

Maraz us Shaam & Bait ul Muqaddas

12th Oct 2019

Sharaf of Preparing Mohabbat ni Roti and Thaali Distribution

10th & 11th October 2019


4th – 10th October 2019

Anger Management

8th October‎, ‎2019

Merry time at the museum

4th October 2019

Wake up call!!!!

01st Oct 2019

Little Ambassadors at Work

27th September, ‎2019

The Horse-Cart Ride

20th September 2019

Noha wal Aweel Majlis by Pre-primary Zakereen and Zakeraat

18th September 2019

Ightinamul Ashara til Mubaraka 1441H

16th September, ‎2019

Water babies

27th August, 2019


23rd & 28th August 2019

Our Country Our Pride!

21st Aug 2019

A Robotic Affair At Msb Shabbirabad!

21st Aug 2019

Hajj presentation for class 6 – 11

9th August 2019

Pre-Primary Section Learn About Hajj

8th August 2019

Investiture Ceremony

2nd August 2019

Aqa Maula TUS bestowed the Sharaf of His Qudoom Mubarak to MSB

26th July 2019

Tarbiyat Week

3rd – 5th July, 2019