Young Nut-Ty Minds

Children learn best when all their senses are involved and no better time to do so than when they play!

For our children holistic learning and to incorporate their multiple senses, nut sorting activity was planned to introduce the word nuts beginning with the letter “N”.

Children were excited to show their nut packets and joyfully sorted nuts taking turns. They sorted the given five types of nuts into five plates.

By this activity it was amazing to see that the children not only learnt the vocabulary word “nuts” beginning with the letter “N” but were also able to say names of the types of nuts. They discussed the colour, shape and size of the nuts. Finally they relished every bite of their hard earned nuts!

  • This activity developed eye hand coordination and fine motor skills
  • Self-correction and problem solving skills
  • Language skills i.e. naming the types nuts and pronunciation.
  • Also it integrated math concepts!