Yay — Let’s Go To The Zoo!!

Whoopee! What an adventurous end to the month it was. This episode of active learning invited parents as well, to the Karachi Zoo to accompany their little ones as they moved around in quest of their favourite animals and birds.

The trip began at around 9:00 am. The sight of flocks of chirpy buddies walking along with their Ammi, Abba and teachers was simply adorable. The enclosures holding the wild animals gave a feel of natural habitats with ponds of water and mounds of sand.

Deer, zebras and ostriches were the first ones we met. It was amazing to notice how the children perfectly matched the real life animals with what they had coloured at home and studied at school.

As we moved forward, a large, hungry flock of ducks awaited to be fed. Their quack quack were indeed deafening. It was a pleasure to see the children feed them popcorns while their baby hands shivered with fright.

Next in line came the over excited Gorillas jumping around the poles, scritch, scratching as they hung by their tails. Their low rumbling sounds were quite intimidating for the little ones.

A few steps ahead was seen the majestic elephant showcasing his heavy stomps and flapping ears. The children were extremely fascinated when he playfully sprayed water to great distances.

A few steps ahead, the King of the Zoo was seen basking under the warmth of the sun with his queen, the golden streaks of sunshine on their velvety coats made them look regal and royal.

Final call came from the enclosures where dwelled the handsome tigers. They looked sleepy and lazy but our excited young adventurers made sure to wake them up and forced them to respond to their calls.

After meeting with all the animals and birds, we all had a train ride that took us around concluding our joyful trip. As little feet gave up, all of us sat down under the shade of the ageless trees, did the pasting activity while the famished souls devoured on a variety of snacks.

Thus, ended the day with the mighty animals, tired moms and dads, exhausted teachers and much learned students.