Water Babies

With rain and rain pools everywhere in the city but no pool fit for swimming, the trip to Nadal Burhani was perfectly timed to satisfy the craving for water, water fun and some serious swimming. Accompanied by teachers, mothers and staff, the students of FS 2 and Grade 1 proceeded to the professional pool in August 27, 2019 to beat the heat. Banded into colours, armed with floaters and clad in costumes, the children entered the pool with a gusto and never for a second showed any apprehension. Without rain, a vibrant rainbow had landed into the pool. Much credit goes to the mothers besides the staff who each took charge of eight to ten children and mothered them all, from getting them changed into costumes to again getting them dressed back, they did it all.

It was with great difficulty that the children were taken for a picnic luncheon. With appetites fully alive, they devoured the sumptuous food and came back exhilarated and jubilant.