Wake Up Call!!!!

“Al-Dai-al-Ajal Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS explained that it is generally observed that fear eventually leads to grief, which compromises our living lifestyle. He then stated that today many have been gripped by a new phobia; NOMOPHOBIA, the fear of being without one’s mobile phone.”

We hear it and we run, it jingles and we leave our dinner on the table, it has cast a spell upon us and we ignore our families, we are just hooked to our phones, they have taken our charge rather than us being in charge of them!

Burhanuddin Mithaiwala, Mohammad Abbas Rajnagar, Aziz Iqbal Cyclewalla, Rashida Burhanuddin Kerai and Khadija Shk Kumail Nadir gave us all a wakeup call, not with their cell phones but with an interesting enactment on NOMOPHOBIA.

It was an apt reminder to all of us that these devices are there to facilitate our lifestyle, add value to it rather than creating unwanted phobias. Hats off to Grade 7 students for a much needed eye opener!