Wajebaat Bethak At MSB

9th August 2011


We are sheltered by a month of great auspices, the holy Month of Shehre Ramazaan il Moazzam where Allah promises to reward every deed in plentiful.

This year we have been indeed privileged that HuzureAala (TUS) amidst his countless ehsanaat that he continues to shower continually upon us, has sent Al-Had-ul-Anjab-ul-As’ad Janaab  Kinana Bhaisaheb Jamaluddin Saheb to Taheri Masjid, (Karachi) to lead us into ibadat during this auspicious month.

It is part of the MSB system and curriculum that every year the students present wajebaat for it to become a habit  within from the early days of the child’s life.

Al-Had-ul-Anjab-ul-As’ad Janaab  Kinana Bhaisaheb graciously consented to come to Al-Madrasa on 10th of Ramazaan ul Moazzam. He presided over tilawat-ud dua (morning assembly) for the entire school, during which he graced the students with a few words of advice and also enlightened us with the good news that HuzureAala (TUS) had arrived at Saifee Mahal after a long stay at the Saifee Hospital. Hereafter,  the students and the staff presented their wajebaat to him and he endowed each one with Tashreef from HuzureAala(TUS).

A silent plea eminent on the faces and the hearts of each child was that when again would we see Aqa Moula in the premises of our Madrasa.