Wadah Meeting

Wadah Meeting of Janab Nooruddin Bhai Saheb and Shaikh Mohammad Bhai Petiwala held at Madrasa (Shabbirabad)


Managed by MSB Educational Trust
Thursday 17th May, 2007 at 6:30 P.M


1. Janab Shabbir Bhai Saheb Noman
i2. Janab Nooruddin Bhai Saheb
3. Janab Juzer Bhaisaheb Vazir
i4. Sheikh Muhammad Bhai Petiwala
5. Sheikh Mustafa Bhai Jack
6. Sheikh Juzer Bhai Ajmerwala
7. Sheikh Qaizar Bhai Sh.Yunus
8. Sheikh Shabbir Bhai Sadriwala
9. Sheikh Noman Bhai Khairulla
10. Sheikh Qamaruddin Bhai Rassawala
11. Mulla Saifuddin Bhai Khan Saheb
12. Mulla Haidar Bhai Mandasaurwala
13. Mulla Hasnain Bhai Paliwala
14. Mulla Hussain Bhai Kothar
i15. Shaikh Mustafa Bhai Tawa wala
16. Shaikh Huzaifa Bhai Haryanawala
17. Dr. Mulla Turab Bhai Peshori
18. Shaikh Fakhruddin Bhai Bandookwala
19. Shaikh Haider Bhai Shaikh Ishaq Bhai
20. Shaikh Shabbir Bhai Bhuriwala
21. Shaikh Abdul Hussain Bhai Ratlamwala
22. Shaikh Kumail Bhai Shaikh Yunus
23. Shaikh Abid Bhai Quettawala
24. Shaikh Saifuddin Bhai Sodawaterwala
25. Shaikh Mohammad Bhai Jhoomkawala
26. Shaikh Hussain Bhai Gain
27. Mulla Mustafa Bhai Mirza
28. Mehmood Bhai Shabbir Hussain Burhanpurwala

Tilaawat-e-Quraan Majeed was performed by Mulla Saifuddin Bhai Khansaheb.Shaikh Mustafa Bhai briefly gave the development phases of Madrasa during the tenure of Janab Nooruddin Bhai Saheb and Shaikh Mohammad Bhai Petiwala.

1. Construction of 3rd floor of 2nd Building with the Inayat of Rs1, 000,000/- from Aqa Maula TUS, Rs. 1,500,000/- as     Qarzan Hasanah from Dawat-e-Hadiyah and rest generating fund from the Momineen.
2. Started O-Level classes from the year 2006
3. Hiring of highly educated faculty with well paid remuneration.

Shaikh Qaizar Bhai, Shaikh Juzer Bhai, Shaikh Shabbir Bhai Sadriwala and Shaikh Qamar Bhai Rassawala also give their word of appreciation to them.

Janab Nooruddin Bhai Saheb thanked all the members for their untiring support by upgrading the standard of Madrasa. It was also informed by him that Karachi is the only city in the world which has two branches of Madrasa.

As for Haidery Campus he said that by the dua of Aqa Maula TUS we have been able to purchase a plot of 15,000 Sq.ft which will accommodate MSB Madrasa and Badri School in one place. He also wished to have swimming pool and teachers training centre over there.

Shaikh Mohammad Bhai Petiwala thanked all members individually with their names for their all support during his tenure.

Shaikh Qamar Bhai Rassawala informed the members that we have been able to achieve the physical possession of the adjacent plot of Madrasa. A site plant will be sent to the Nazim office with in one month and after that we can start work on it. Presently the plot will be used for physical exercise etc for the students of the Madrasa.

Lastly Janab Shabbir Bhai Saheb Nomani gave his word of thanks to Janab Nooruddin Bhai Saheb and Shaikh Mohammad Bhai Petiwala and appreciated their unprecedented support to the Madrasa.

The Management presented the gifts of appreciation to both the Janabs.

The meeting was ended at the time of Maghrib.

Dinner was served at 8:00 P.M.