Typhoid Vaccine

Rasulullah (S.A.W) states :” النظافة من الايمان ” Cleanliness and hygiene are an integral part of Imaan. In the world at large, not maintaining hygiene, makes the outbreak of disease a common phenomenon. Protecting one’s self and environment is pertinent in such circumstances. The TRUST VACCINATION & IMMUNIZATION under the guidance and authority of Dr Ghaffar Billoo, have initiated a campaign against the eradication of typhoid . A World Health Organization (WHO) report states that Typhoid has been eradicated from the entire world with an exception of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, which are called the pockets where typhoid still breeds. The TVI team is going from school to school spreading awareness about the disease through their informative presentation. Al-Madarsa also invited two representatives from TVI, Dr Shabnum and Mr Mohammed Imran to speak to the students regarding the vaccine. The organization sent consent forms to each student’s parents to vaccinate the children at very nominal charges. The presenting team was impressed by the school setting and the students and therefore Dr Billoo, himself paid a visit to the school. A team of trained vaccinators and assistants visited the school for two days and administered vaccinations to 367 students and staff under the careful supervision of Dr Shabnum.