Trip To The Zoo

12th September 2014

The students of class I and II all geared for their day at the Zoo climbed into the waiting vans along with a team of our dedicated teachers set off for this expedition for learning about the Animal Kingdom. With enthusiasm the students entered the zoo and they saw a number of animals the elephants in a tug of war fight, the lazy lions basking in the sun, the chimpanzee at its mischief with a ball, the beautiful array of colourful birds, the first sight of the white lions left the students amazed as they had heard and seen the tanned beast very often but the lions in fair white skin was a new sight. The elderly tortoise was another wonderful sight as it plodded on to match the saying “slow and steady”.Learning about these animals in integration with Muntalaq-Islami brought richness to the conceptual learning about animals. The students’ joys knew no bounds as they were allowed to feed the ducks and the monkeys. The students hunger and thirst also seemed to rise with their excitement. So they settled down on the plush green grass to satiate their thirst and hunger over a chatter about the excitement of the day. The students climbed back into their vans waiting to reach home and fill their dear ones with the excitement of the day!