Tree Planting Venture At MSB

26th February 2013

Rasulullah (SAW) states

Annazaro ilal khudrate tazeedo fil Basar The environment is a precious endowment from Allah upon mankind. It is only befitting that we take care of the environment and not impoverish it. With regard to this, this year Moulaya Aali Qadr(TUS) has sent directives world-wide for tree planting.

Taking up each wish or desire stated by Moula (TUS) and His Mansoos as a command unto us is part of our educating and nurturance. Therefore MSB had a tree planting campaign around the madrasa environment. The Class VII’s as well as senior members of staff participated in this venture with a desire beating strongly in every heart that may Moula live in the bloom of the best of health till the end of time.