The Year At MSB Begins

8th August 2013

After the summer break invigorated and rejuvenated the students entered school all ready to combat the new  academic year.

With the conviction for a great start, the first day of the academic year unfolded with the recitation of Darees Mubarak. Evaan e Muffadal reverberated with the recitation of Madeh and Marsiyah as they followed the entire recitation on screen.

The Masool then warmly welcomed the students to a new year with hopes, aspirations and a vision that opened vistas towards par excellence as it also coincided with the momentous year of Ayaam o Hasanaat il Eid iz Zahabi.

It was a moment of joy to hear the Masool share the excellent results that the MSB students had brought home in both the Matric and the Cambridge system.

The students then received  awards for their untiring efforts throughout the previous academic session.

The students strode with  spirits soaring  high after a wonderful beginning to acclimatize into their new classrooms and with their new teachers.