The Upper Primary & Secondary End Of Year Picnic

27th June 2013

BARADARI Farm was a welcome retreat after toiling hard for the examinations. The students reached Madrasa at regular school time. After tilawat ud dua, sadaqah and a couple of announcements and instructions regarding transport and discipline, a caravan of four buses left for the picnic spot.

The grounds of Baradari farm are divided into three large separate areas each one with a large swimming pool, indoor games, rooms, rest rooms and kitchen. The boys and the girls rushed to their respective areas and the water was so inviting that before long most of the students were deep in the pools. It was quite a sight as the senior students helped settle the picnic stuff and then went off to enjoy a cricket match. The Kulfi and the samosas which were served as a mid-morning snack were welcome on this mid-summer morn. Between diving into the pool and running after balls and badminton and table tennis the students stopped for Salat ul Asrain, and a warm delicious lunch of biryani and drinks was served.

The atmosphere was very pleasant and cool. At 4 pm with a glass of cold refreshing juice and tiny tit bits to munch and bite the students prepared to depart although tearing away from the pool was an ordeal.

The students got off the buses at their allotted stops with smiles and promises to meet again in the New Year!