The Trip To Paramount Books

8th- 11th September 2014

It is rightly said; “Books are a man’s best companion” and to develop the love of reading amongst students is an aspiration of every teacher. To inculcate this habit of reading, Al Madrasa-tus-Saifiya-tul- Burhaniyah organized a trip to Paramount Books in the Upper Primary Section. Students according to their class levels were taken to Paramount Books and were exposed to every variety of books as per their taste and liking. The teachers accompanied the students and themselves cherished the experience. Various sections were made according to subjects and their levels. The ground floor displayed the major variety of books however books for the advanced learners were displayed on the 1st floor. The objective of the trip which was to aware and expose students to a wide collection of books was achieved and many students invested in the opportunity by buying books according to their likes and requirements. The students along with the teachers were warmly welcomed by the administration at Paramount Books. Owing to the hot weather the teachers were graciously offered drinks by the staff.