The Soft Board Display Competition

The soft board display competition among the teachers on the occasion of Aqa Maula 96th Milaad Mubarak

Every year the Milad Mubarak of our beloved Maula (T.U.S) is celebrated enthusiastically by the students at the Madrasa. Also this year undoubtedly the same energy level was witnessed among the students. This year however not only students participated in various events organized by the Madrasa but also the teachers. Such an event was organized at the primary level for the teachers. The soft board competition among the teachers was organized by the school management in which they were required to decorate their soft board fixed outside their classes in such a manner that all shall cover the same topic which of course was the 96TH MILAD MUBARAK OF DAI-E-ZAMAN. Greetings box, bees, flowers, birds, cards and various other symbols were used as analogies depicting the feelings we all had for this occasion. The variety of ideas, colours and concepts showed the level of interest and involvement of the teachers. Hence no wonder the judges had a hard time deciding for the first three position holders. Mrs Fauzia Behen Paliwala of class IV B, her hard work as well as creativity was visible on her board, took the first position. Mrs Farida Behen Kanchwala of class I B had beautifully decorated her board with bees and flowers depicting the students as bees surrounding our Maula (T.U.S) took the second position and Mrs. Fatema Behen Mukkaram of class I A, depicted the garden of our Maula (T.U.S) filled with flowers (i.e. the students), and took the third position. Finally the acknowledgement prizes for the participants and the winners were given by Al Masool Sheikh Mustafa bhai Jack and H.O.S. Primary Mrs. Shirin Quaid bhai Mundrawala.