The Seniors Meet In A Cricket Tournament

18th October 2012

Thursday dawned with great excitement as the boys from Classes VIII- X assembled in the grounds outside Evan-e-Mufaddal.
The game was preceded by a photo shoot with the four teams Adal, Sabr, Yaqeen and Jihaad posing enthusiastically, with their teachers, muraquibs and the Masool.
The rules of the game were defined to the team captains and soon the game began with a toss. Adal was to face Jihaad while Sabr would play opposite Yaqeen and the knockout tournament would conclude with the winning teams playing against each other.
Jihaad emerged as the winning team in the match between Adal and Jihaad. Having won the toss Sabr chose to bat first. The match between the Sabr and Yaqeen turned into a nail biting event as the suspense and the tension mounted. The Sabr team won the match by a meager 3 runs.

Without a moment wasted, the captain of the two winning teams; Sabr and Jihaad met for a toss. Sabr once again winning the toss proposed to bowl first. The bowling with the green shirts went on marvelously and they leaped with joy upon bowling out the most important batsmen from the opponent team.
The game carried on in great sportsman spirit as the spectators watched with excitement, cheering their teams on, right till the very end when Jihaad was declared the winner of the tournament.