The Primary Section ‘Mini Games Fun Day ’

29th November 2012

The air was crisp and fresh and the season seemed to be in total liaison with our plan. A TRIANGULAR RACE was meticulously in plan for the students in the Primary Section by their sports teacher. At 9.00 am, the students assembled in their House teams all set to put their best foot forward.

The race took place in four rounds before the final events. The students raced with zeal, enthusiasm and vigor at the blow of the whistle. The first round was held between the Jihad and the Yaqeen house and the second round was between the Adl house and the Sabr house.

The teachers proved to be great cheerleaders, boosting and encouraging the students.

The finals took place between the Yaqeen and Sabr houses. This round seemed to be set out for the best of the very best to come through as the triumphant victors.

After a stiff competition the Sabr house students emerged as the winning team.

The students lined up to go back to their classes with little smiling faces gleaming and waiting to go home and narrate and share the day’s excitement.