The Prefects Take Their Oaths At MSB

4th December 2012

The upbringing of the students according to the Rida Mubarak of Aqa Moula TUS is of prime concern to us here at MSB. Students should be lead and guided on the path of Fatemi culture and tradition in such a way that the fragrance of good character and Fatemi culture is exhibited in their behaviour.As Ameer il Momineen states:

Be like a bee, which takes what is pure and also gives back what is pure.

To achieve this target the discipline system plays an important role and the Prefect Council is the backbone of this system.

On Tuesday the prefects assembled in the front of the Evaan e Mufaddal for the oath taking ceremony after the recitation of tilawat e dua

the ceremony commenced with an opening speech by Al Muraqib Sh Huzefa Bhai who foresees the MSB discipline. His speech shed light upon the important aspects regarding tarbiyat emphasized by several ahadees and kalemaat nooraniyah.

Al Masool appreciated the prefects and motivated
them to serve to their best. Then Al Masool led the prefects into taking their Oath.

The Masool, the Academic Coordinator, Head Muraqib, Section Incharges and House incharges distributed the badges amongst the prefects.

The Prefects marched off to fulfill their roles in acquiring Moula’s rida, invigorated and enlightened by the barakaat of the Ahadees and Kalemaat Nooraniyah