The Pre-Primary Visit Al-Jamea- Tus- Saifiyah

10th – 12th September 2014

Real life experience is what makes lifelong learning. The students of the Pre-Primary had been looking at the history of Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin (RA). Therefore to add value to the lesson the students were taken to Al-Jamea- tus- Saifiyah which they had heard of as Darse Saifee that Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin Maula (RA) had established in Surat which a century later, Syedna Taher Saifuddin upgraded to Al-Jamea- tus- Saifiyah. The students were taken on three days in groups of their classes on a detailed tour through Al-Jamea- tus- Saifiyah. The students began with ziyarat of the the mutabarekaat in Masjid e Fatemi. They observed the details of the names of Aimat Tahereen(AS) and Duat Mutlaqeen( RA) engraved along the walls of the grand masjid. The students also saw various Fatemi architecture that had been replicated within the structure of Al-Jamea- tus- Saifiyah. The students visited Evaan ul Barakaat, Mahad uz Zahra, the library, Khaimat ur Riyazat which is an ideal sports facility completely equipped to take on the farmaan of sports by Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS). It was certainly a treat to enter Mawaid Saifiyah where the students enjoyed cool orange juice and their snacks of yummy sandwiches that they had taken from school. With a delightful sparkle in the eye of being at Al Jamea that they always yearn to go to and a dua that filled every tiny heart that may they one day be part of this grandeur as a Talib Ilm of Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah.