The Pre-Primary Stage And Sports Meet

19th December 2013

On a sunshine filled morning, which promised to be a perfect start to the day ahead, as the pre- primary students began the day with the recitation of Shahadat of Moulana Aliasgher (AS), Moulana Aliakber (AS), Moulana Abbas (AS) and Syed us Shohada Imam Hussain (AS). The zest and the depth with which the tiny students recited shahadat left the audiences faces tear streaked.

The Prep II’s then divided in four teams met in an exciting Quiz round.
the students were awarded certificates of participation and little tasbihs as tokens of appreciation.

The parents and the students then proceeded to the grounds of Evan e Mufadal for the athletic events and the stage program.

The Prep I’s presented a fine PT display as they came together in cooperation and coherence to form 50 which signified the 50 glorious years of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa(TUS) as Dai-ul-Fatemi.

The Prep II’s then came on stage to share the story of the hungry caterpillar which was indeed a marvelous performance!

Then the nurseries presented the Butterfly race where the caterpillars crawled quickly to sleep in their cocoons and the move through their lifecycles to emerge as beautiful butterflies.

Next on track were the bright yellow honey bees. These busybees from Nursery busied themselves collecting nectar from beautiful red flowers, then rushed to their hives to turn the nectar into fine golden honey.

The Prep I’s then presented a stage performance on health is wealth.

Next on track were the Prep I’s who were out to take up the farmaan of Syedi wa Moulaya Aali Qadr (TUS) as they went about folding clothes and sweeping through the cleaning race.

The next even brought roti boards and rolling pins on the track and the little boys and girls rolled rotis out to perfection and quickly took them to the finishing line.

The students of Prep I then came up on stage to present a wonderful poem where they caught fish, sharks and dolphins

The prep II’s then came on track with their fishing rods in hand and quickly caught fish and passed them to their waiting partners who ran to the finishing line to cook that fine treat from the ocean for dinner.

The verses of rickshaw aawi… filled the atmosphere as the students of Prep II hurried to fill tiffins and rushed to the waiting cyclist who rode to the finishing line with their tiffins to deliver.

The Senior students of MSB kept the audience aware and informed through their lively commentary that run through the program.

The parents left the Madrasa happy and content as every child in the pre- primary had made a fair contribution through their talents and skills to this colourful and marvelous program.