The Pre-Primary Celebrate Animal Week

December 2012

The re-opening of MSB after Ashara Mubarakah saw the Pre-Primary students busy into their animal project, making colourful mobile hangers, booklets aquariums, finger puppets and much more. To add to the fun and excitement, the students and the teachers spent a very interesting morning at the zoo. The entire entourage scrambled onto the waiting buses after doing sadaqa and left school by 9:20 for the zoo.

The little hearts rejoiced upon seeing the emu in the first cage followed by the deer grazing in an open area. One after another the students viewed the animals in their enclosures. The tiger was busy slumbering away in his cage. The parrots, doves, macaws and peacock created a cheerful melody. The Chimpanzees were playfully swinging on the rope swings. The cage for lion and lioness housed the white lion and lioness also which was an unusual sight. It was amazing to see the slow and steady tortoise busy digging a hole in the ground.

After having visited the aquarium the students gathered for a delicious snack of yummy sandwiches, juice and chocolate.

The students reached school just in time to go home to share the adventures of the day with their beloveds.