The Orientation Meet

1th August 2011


Regardless of the rain that continued to envelope the city after a long dry spell, it was a heart warming sight to see very concerned parents come in through the MSB gates, for a virtual tour of the Madrasa and its systems, signifying and further enforcing the fact that the home and the school are completely responsible for the well being and the education of a child.

The meeting commenced with Tilawat-e-Qur’an e Majeed and the recitation of verses from Ya Syed-us Shohadaii and Fulk ul Hussain.

Further on Al Masool Sh Ammar Bhai welcomed the parents and briefed the parents about the origin of Al-Madrasa-tus-Saifiya-tul-Burhaniyah and enlightened us with kalemaat Nooraniyah regarding the Madrasa.

The head of department for Uloom Diniyah, elaborated upon the importance and the approach to teaching Uloom Diniyah along with other important aspects that parents as care givers must bear in mind.

The Head of Section for Pre-Primary  walked the parents through the overall system of education and informed parents about the routines that we at MSB follow.

The floor was opened for a round of questions for the parents by the Academic Coordinator.

The meeting came to a closure with a hope to have yet another year of success with our dedicated staff, parental co-operation at all times under the saya Mubarak of our beloved Moula(TUS) and His continous nazaraat