The Orientation Meet Pre-Primary & Primary

21st September 2013

The Pre-Primary and Primary parents excitedly and enthusiastically assembled in the Madrasa building for a virtual tour visualising the academic year 2013-14 with plans put forward to them.

The meeting commenced with Tilawat-e-Qur’an e Majeed and the recitation of verses from Ya Syed-us Shohadaii and Fulk ul Hussain.

The Masool warmly welcomed the parents and aptly commenced the orientation round with the uniqueness and distinct features of MSB by quoting abstracts from HuzureAala (TUS)’s kalemaat nooraniyah.

Since Al-Madrasah takes on the responsibility of not only educating the child but also nurturing its students upon the fundamentals of Islam, a senior Muraquib familiarized the parents about the uniqueness of MSB and its program of tarbiyat with special emphasis on four core values (cleanliness, being happy, caring and respect) which were in congruence with the directives received from Moulaya Aali Qadr (TUS) to Momineen around the globe to nurture and produce children worthy of the address by HuzureAala (TUS) as “maaru Aainda nu lashkar”.

The Academic Co-ordinator further enlightened the parents with the aims, goals and overall policies of the Madrasa

The Heads of Section for Pre-Primary and Primary acquainted the parents about their respective systems of disseminating education and informed parents about the routines that we at MSB follow.

The parents went into their childrens classroom to share the joys of their childrens learning here at school within their classrooms.

The meeting came to a closure with a hope to have yet another year of success with our dedicated staff, parental co-operation at all times under the saya Mubarak of our beloved Moula(TUS) and His Mansoos Moulaya Aali Qadr (TUS) and both Moulas continous nazaraat.