The Orientation Meet For The Upper Primary & Secondary Sections

28th September 2013

An Orientation Day in education marks the start of an Academic Calendar. It is a day for the parents to get acquainted with the ways and procedures the school shall follow, meanwhile educating and communicating to the parents of what is expected of them in this shared partnership of educating and nurturing the child.

The Orientation Day for the Upper Primary and Secondary Sections commenced with Tilawate Qur’an e Majeed. This was followed by a welcome to parents by Al-Masool and an overview of the mission stated by HuzureAala (TUS) for the educating of a Moomin Mukhlis. The head Muraqib then acquainted parents with how we as care givers nurture the students in the light of HuzureAala (TUS) and Moulaya Aali Qadr (TUS) directives.

The academic co-ordinator for the Upper Primary and Secondary Section then gave a detailed analysis of the targets for the year, expectations and requirements of the Madrasa from the parents and how together the teamwork of parents and teachers can collectively develop the character of the children on academic and personal grounds.

The parents were then led to their respective class levels, where the class teachers then gave the minute details of the agenda ranging from the breakfast to class room ethics and homework expectations. The parents left the premises content and sure over entrusting their precious possessions to the best of upbringing in the saya Mubarak of Both Moula (TUS).