The New Academic Year Begins At MSB

29th July 2011


A new morning, a new dawn into a new academic year was welcomed by the smiling countenances of the students and the staff as they assembled in Evan e Mufaddal in their sparkling smart new uniforms, to proclaim a promising academic session by commencing with the barakaat of darees Mubarak.

Janaab Mustansir Bhaisaheb Mohyuddin Saheb graciously consented to preside over darees Mubarak and the prize giving ceremony of the last year’s high achievers.

The students were walked through a photographic presentation of last year’s memories to serve as inspiration, aspiration, motivation and encouragement to strive yet harder towards a unified goal, EXCELLENCE to the extent of attaining Moula (TUS)’s Ridha Mubarak.

The children then proceeded to their newly allotted classrooms.