The MSB Educational Fair 2014

26th April 2014

The MSB Educational Fair 2014 was held with zeal and fervor. Conceptual comprehension and its application in everyday life depicted the intellectual capacity and the practical ability of the students. Scientific knowledge in the light of the fact that how a Moomin attains sa’adat of both the worlds simply by abiding the directives of his beloved Maula TUS were studied, researched, experimented and presented portraying complete understanding of the directives from Maula TUS.

The revered lines of MAN LAHUL MAULA FALAHUL KUL formed the basis of the whole Educational Congress. Mathematical and scientific concepts were studied in the light of the teachings of our Maula TUS and how due to His teachings and abidance of his directives we could prove ourselves as a pro-scientific community.

In the realm of Science, projects like non alcoholic products were exhibited which not only complied well with the directives of Islam of excluding the product for its haram nature but also offered avenues for presenting ourselves as a globally green community. Contemporary yet practical ideas like bio-gas energy was studied and presented with its practical implementation. The concept of cleanliness and recycling all fall under the umbrella of the teachings of our Maula TUS which were studied and then presented using the most creative and scientific approach. Numerous projects covering biological, chemical and physical details of everyday life like respiratory system, forces and mechanics were thoroughly researched and explained.

Similarly projects made in the field of Mathematics fervently covered the foremost principle of interest free loans while replacing them with the sublime, blessed and growth oriented scheme of Qarzan Hasanah. Congruent and similarity concepts, pilgrimage trip routes and expenditures along with concepts like the art of estimation were discussed in detail.

Janaab Noorudin Bhaisaheb Maimoon graciously opened the fair along with various Ummaal Kiraam of the community. The judges were Asatezah Kiraam from Al-jamea-tus-Saifiyah, and lead science subject specialists from renowned schools of Karachi who with their expertise in the fields of Science and Mathematics within the parameters of Al-muntalaq-ul-islami graciously recognized the efforts of the students whilst grading them.

The students along with the guidance of their teachers worked tirelessly throughout, preparing for the final day presentation of their work. The management at every step facilitated the process, successfully helping overcome any hurdles that came in the way of students while carrying out their research and its implementation. Together the entire team at MSB provided exemplary support to make the entire Educational Fair an absolute success!

This event was also covered by a leading Televison channel “SAMAA” and was telecasted in the news on 27th April 2014.

The educational fair was only possible by the dua Mubarak of Moulana Aali Qadr (TUS) and His continuos nazaraat. Each student and teacher left the school premises enriched with the faith of MAN LAHUL MAULA FALAHUL KUL etched deep in their hearts.