The Jewels Meet In A Quiz Competition

11th April 2013

MSB continues gathering the barakaat of 102nd Milaad Mubarak and awaits and prepares to embrace the barakaat of Eid e Zahabi, through a multitude of activities. The Primary students engaged in a quiz competition where the questions led to the consolidation of their Uloom Diniyah curriculum within their classes.4 students from each class emerged as the finalist thus four teams with eight children in each competed in the finals.The teams were named YAQOOT, ZAMARROOD, AQEEQ and MARJAAN and the ambience was thus created to match the names of the teams.Mothers of our students were invited to encourage our young ones.

The Program commenced with tilawate Qur’an e Majeed and then Qasida Mubarakah. This was followed by an informative walk through about these gemstones by the students of Class IV. The quiz rounds commenced and progressed with great zeal and enthusiasm in ten rounds which also included solving crosswords in Lisan e Arabi, word building in Lisan ud Dawat and questions on Moharamaat which is a current issue that is being combatted worldwide amidst Momineen.The students were all very well prepared and YAQOOT emerged as the winners of the event with the highest score.

The Meet ended with madeh and each heart whispered a dua that as long as gemstones bear their glory, may our Moula (TUS) and His Mansoos (TUS) live to grant them their grandeur and glory.