The Hajj Season At MSB

11 Nov 2011

Hajj, a season when a lot of the students have family who are fortunate enough to be in the holy lands of Makkah Mukaramah and Madinah Munawarrah. The students’ imaginations are left unbridled wondering what Hajj is really like yet thousands of questions loom in their minds.

This year the scenario at MSB was one that satisfied the children’s quest about this holy pilgrimage. The entire tour with students appositely dressed in ehraam beginning from the airport to the tents of Mina, Batn-ul-Wadi, Arafah, the place of sacrificing the animals, and the epitome of all, the holy Ka’aba were depicted through models in a presentation that was shown to the students at all levels.

The air resonated with verses of Ka’aba from Madehs and the children’s faces reflected the joy of learning yet some more.