The Alumni Pays Their Tribute To Their Mentor

Treading into the expanse of MSB grounds, a smiling countenance, a benevolent gaze upon each student and teacher, is the memory that every MSBIAN has of Al-Muqadas Shehzada  Huzaifa Bhaisaheb Mohyuddin Saheb (QR)

A Student from the Alumni who has completed her Bachelors in Design, Fatema Sh Zoeb Hyderi supported by other fellow students namely Hussaina Jabalpurwala and Shabbir Hazari, aptly chose the MSB premises to display her tribute to Shehzada Saheb .

The display was a fine array of Shehzada Saheb’s brief yet illustrious life complemented by the finest designs from her learning.

The sight brought memories of Shehzada Saheb afore with a reminder of his vision to aim high and reach heights for each and every one of us!