The 5th International Quran Majeed Competition

23 Feb 2011

The 5th international Quran Majeed Competition among Al-Madaresus-Saifiyah-tul-Burhaniyah was held on the sprawling grounds of Al-Madrasa-tus-Saifiya-tul-Burhaniyah, Nagpur on the 20th of Rabi-ul-Awwal, 1432 as part of 100th Milaad Celebrations of Hafizul Quran Maula, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin saheb (TUS). Shehzada Aali Waqar Syedi Aliasghar bhai saheb Kalimuddin saheb (DM)and Shehzada Aali waqar Syedi Huzaifa bhai saheb Mohiyuddin saheb (DM) presided over the finals. Children from 16 centres, (Indian and foreign) including Karachi (online), participated in four categories of the competition:

  • Tajweed under 12
  • Tajweed above 12
  • Juz Amma hifz
  • 1 to 5 sipara hifz.

Five children from each category were selected for the finals from the preliminary round held earlier in the day. Sh. Murtaza bhai Galiakotwala, from Mahad uz Zahra, judged the entire competition.

The finals began with tilawat ul Quran, followed by Qasaid and Marsiyah. Shehzada Huzaifa Bhai Saheb Mohyiddin saheb (DM) read the message of Dua and encouragement sent by Aqa Maula (TUS). Shehzada Saheb (DM) also conveyed Aqa Maula’s (TUS) salaam mubarak to all mumineen. Both Shehzada sahebs (DM) enlightened all those present with their “khitaabs.”

Children in each category recited with courage and confidence on the grand stage in front of a huge audience numbering upto 3000, and the best three in each category walked away with the following prizes:

  • First prize: trophy + netbook
  • Second prize: trophy + ipod
  • Third prize: trophy + 2.5 gms gini.

All the particpants were awarded with a wristwatch, and a copy of ‘mushaf.’ As part of the 100th Milad Celebrations, every centre of Al-Madrasa-tus-Saifiya-tul-Burhaniyah had set a target of producing at least one hafiz from their respective centres. In recognition of their dedication and hardwork, Idara tul Maderesis Saifiyatil Burhaniyah hounoured all the 16 children from different centres who have completed (or are near completion) the hifz of the entire Quran majeed with a laptop. Maria Mithaiwala from MSB Shabbirabad, also received this grand gift.
We would like to congratulate all participants (Fakhruddin Mirza, Huzefa Khambatwala, Zainab Multanwala) and especially Maria for their great achievement.

May Allah Grant Our Beloved Aqa Moula Tus a Very Long,Healthy and Prosperous Life Till the Day of Qayamat,and as Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA once Said Praying for Aqa Moula Tus May Not Even His Nail Feel Pain Ameen,Ameen…