The 5th Inter School Sports Meet 2012

14th Feb 2012

The air was crisp and fresh and the atmosphere exuded a sudden burst of energy as the sun shone promising a jubilant day for the MSBIANS at the NCC ground where they started filing in early in the morning, to meet their competitors from four other schools on the sun kissed grounds.

Al-Farqad-ul-Azhar Janab Mustansir Bhaisaheb, Al-Farqad-ul-Azhar Janab Naeem bhaisaheb, Al-had-ul-Anjab-ul-As’ad Janaab Nooruddin Bhaisaheb, Al-had-un-najeeb Janab Shaikh Taher Bhai Rasheed graced the program with their presence

The recitation of the holy Qur’an marked the opening of this momentous gathering and the verses in Madeh of Aale Mohammed (SAW) filled the grounds with its barakaat as the sweet melodious voices of the students came over the microphone followed by the national anthem which was accompanied by flag hoisting and the Madrasa Tarana.

Al-Masool Sh Ammar Bhai warmly welcomed the chief guests, the parents, and the partner schools The City School and The Educators to this event. Dedicating this event in the memory of Al-Muqaddas Shehzada Huzaifa Bhaisaheb Mohyuddin Saheb who had taught us to turn every deed into pure gold by embellishing it with the conviction of attaining the ridha of our beloved Moula (TUS).

The students who represented their houses walked past the chief guest and presented their salutation.

The PT display was a fine array of ardent colours emanating muhabbat of our beloved Moula, in celebration of whose 101st Milaad Mubarak we had gathered here as they spread out in formations of “101” , “52” and “LONG LIVE” , swiftly and smartly at the beat of the drum.

The students, who displayed their self defense skills mastered at MSB, were a commendable sight, the tiny forms of the students clad in crisp white karate uniforms, with the movement of their limbs so fluid and nimble.

The young gymnasts from MSB left the spectators gasping as they performed spine chilling tasks elevated high up in the air.

Without further ado a senior student of MSB with his head held high took the oath and the torch was lit to declare the meet open.

The races were a trundle on wheels as they flowed one after the other in colourful attires, from the tiny tots to the strong young boys with the students who busied away at the commentators stand with interesting and enthralling information to keep the spectators updated on the events.

The young photographers from MSB captured the events one after another to keep the moments alive through their art of photography.

Journalists and crew from a local television channel also recorded interviews and photographed moments of the Meet.

Umaal Kiraam and senior members of the management were called upon to honor the winners with medals and certificates.

The meet came to an end with MSB standing victoriously on the victory stand. The Adl and Yaqeen house captains also collected their trophies for having acquired the highest and second highest points respectively in the entire event.

Surely, wasn’t that a glorious celebration to add to the many festivities of the 101st Milaad of our beloved Moula(TUS). May Allah grant our beloved Moula shifa e kulli and a long life till Qiyamah and His Mansoos Syedi Aali Qadr Molaya Mufaddal bhai saheb Saifuddin a long healthy life under the cool saya mubarak our our beloved Moula TUS, Ameen.