Tarbiyat Week

Summer break had come to an end and the first day of school was at our doorsteps. Students were still warming up for the new academic year. However, it was not like any other first day; this year was different. This year, the first three days would be all about tarbiyat as it is the foundation to shaping good students, honourable citizens and respectable human beings.

On Wednesday 3rd July, the academic year commenced with darees as per MSB tradition, followed by Ashara Mubaraka Ohbat. Students were then taken to their new classes and given a warm welcome by the teachers. Three days were set with essential tarbiyat goals to be introduced. The first objective was adaabul kalam. Students learned the value of communicating appropriately and decently on a day to day basis through an interactive discussion followed by an impromptu skit performed by them.

Thursday 4th July, was on the importance of ‘Classroom Climate’ and how the students play a vital role in the atmosphere created in it. Through various drills and instructions, they were guided on how to maximize productivity during the given time of the classroom. Students were also taken to Evan e Mufaddal where they were briefed on the sanctity of namaz and reminded of its correct arkaan and adaab.

Last but not the least, on Friday 5th July, the students enjoyed multiple sessions on nutritional foods, healthy habits and personal hygiene. Motivational speakers such as Mr. Yogi Wajahat educated them on such topics through an interactive and entertaining discussion with a touch of humour.

Tarbiyat week was held with the vision of instilling moral codes through a positive onset to the academic year 2019 -2020 and with the hope that gradually, with consistent guidance, the students of AlMadrasa will mould into individuals that make our beloved Maula TUS happy. May Allah grant our Maula, our eternal guide a long healthy life for the zikr and bukaa of Imam Husain AS till the day of qayamat. Ameen.