Tahani Amidst A Colourful Morn With The Pre-Primary

16th March 2012

A kaleidoscope of colours, it certainly was absolutely apt for the occasion being celebrated. Every student from the pre-Primary presented tahani, felicitation, salutation in different ways and parents watched totally enthralled in awe of their confident performances upstage.

Parents streamed in right on time through the doors of Evan e Mufaddal and the program began with recitation by our young Qurras

The program progressed with the recitation of Qasida Mubarakah.and then dressed in green were the little girls who recited the marsiyah of Ya Syeda us Shohadai whilst a group of girls in red attires followed with the recitation of Fulk ul Hussain in their sweet voices that drew out tears in steady streams from the eyes of the hearts that listened on.

The stage was then filled with students who enlightened us through role play about the importance of Surat ul Fateha.

As the curtains were drawn, on the stage upfront , came the tiny nursery students dressed as bees, honey combs, hives, honey jars and flowers amidst the music that played and the prep II students shared with us some information about those little busy bodies.

The Yahoodiyah girl and her unwavering faith in reciting Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem which turned the non believers into believers was depicted beautifully by the Prep II’s.

Next the student of Nursery came upstage boasting their meticulously designed attires dressed as some of the things in which Allah has granted mankind shifa. The grains of rice, the apples, the pomegranates, the salt and onion seeds passed through the crowd amidst thunderous applause.

It was wonderful listening to the famous riwayat of the pigeons whose eggs a man came and ate and yet was saved from the wrath of Allah due to his giving alms to a beggar in melody.

This was now followed by an array of fancy dress around the theme of the things that we lay on the graves of our awliya Ullah in quest of shifa.

This was aptly complemented by offering our esteemed parents sugar cubes (Mishri) which was barakat from Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA)’s qabr Mubarak

The riwayat of the blind Yahoodiyah lass who received shifa as a bird above where she sat shed droplets of blood grieved over what it saw in Karbala was a touching moment.

The Faiz e Mawaid il Burhaniyah Fancy dress where students came dressed as thaals, tiffins, cooks, pots and pans was complemented well by the popular nasheed regarding FMB.

Maids dressed in long flowing crisp white dresses and lads in crisp white shirts recited the all time favourite “Miss Polly had a dolly….” Whilst Miss polly rocked her dolly on her knee as the doctor made every attempt to cure her.

Now the last group from the nursery classes came dressed as dentists, tooth brushes, tooth paste, floss and mouth wash emphasizing in their own little ways the importance of oral health care.

Burhanedein Syedna ….ehsaan tamara che ghana… this madeh filled the atmosphere as the program was drawing to an end, a strong reminder of the innumerable ehsanaat of our beloved Moula upon us.

A young student from Prep I was awarded a certificate for having memorized the entire marsiyah of Fulk ul Hussain at such a tender age.

Parents and students left hand in hand, bosoms swelled with pride as they emerged victorious knowing full well in their hearts that each one of them, today had gained the ridha of their beloved Moula(TUS) in their own little ways.