Taabudat Day Report

Once again, our hearts are filled with joy and happiness, in anticipation of our beloved Moula (TUS)’s 99th Salgirah Mubarak. It is the prayers of each and every heart that may Allah grant our Moula (TUS) a long and healthy life.

As the month of Rabi brings in the freshness of spring, for mumineen across the globe, it is the time to commence Taabudat Amal. Similarly on the auspicious occasion of 99th Milad Mubarak of Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin (TUS), the students of Al Madrada tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah celebrated a galore of festivities, in accordance with the program scheduled.

On 27th Rabi-ul- Awal, 1431 (12th March, 2010) the celebrations of Tabudat day started with the “Ilmi Musbaqat”. After that taking the theme from Aqa Moula (TUS)’s Bayaan Mubarak in Asharaaa Mubarak, about the importance of household chores, activities were organized for  so that students could gain knowledge of specific skills and enhance their resourcefulness. Students worked in cooperative learning groups of diverse abilities, which develop a learning environment that is inclusive and stimulating. This kind of positive environment will go a long way towards motivating students, also it will surely encourage each student to explore their own unique creativity and think “outside the box.”

Our ultimate goal being, to assist students to realize their potential, build confidence and become empowered to lead a life as per the Ridhaa Mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS).
The program started with the demonstration by professional facilitators, followed by the competitions among the students. The lists of programs and facilitators are as follows:

Class Demonstrations/Competetions Facilitator
Class V
Welcome sweets
Munira Ben Gadyawala
Class VI
Jewellery Making
Students prepared bracelets and rings with beads embedded in fish wire.
Tasneem Ben Qutbuddin
Class VII
Crystal Keychain Making
Students prepared crystal keychains with beads embedded in fish wire.
Khadija Ben Hazari
Class VIII & 9 O’ levels
Fruits and Vegetable Carving
Munira Ben Khambati
Class X O’level and SSC
Sandwich Making and Food Presentation
Students prepared chicken and vegetable sandwitches.
Demonstration was given on how to serve food and thaal manners
Hawra Ben Moochala


Class Activities Facilitator
Classes V & VII
Dry Flower Decoration
Zaitoon Ben Rajbhai
Classes VII & VIII
Tazeen Decoration
M. Ibrahim Godhrawala
O- Level & SSC
Friendly Cricket Match
Zohair Bhai

All the students participated enthusiastically in their respective activities with a common vision of paying respects and gratitude to our beloved Moula (TUS) on his Milaad Mubarak. The best projects were selected from each class and the students will be awarded prizes in appreciation of their creativity.

May Allah grant us ‘tawfeeq’ and strength to lead our life according to the Ridaah Mubarak of Maulana (TUS) and thereby gather barakaat and reap the rich rewards of Akherat.