Sports Week 5th Day

Today’s finale was truly a grand one. The fifth and final day of sports week kicked off with boys’ athletics and girls’ badminton after which it concluded on the closing ceremony.

All houses were fired up with positive energy and enthusiasm as they gave their best to every race, one after another.

The hurdle and relay race especially brought the audience to the edge of their seats while the tug of war match between houses brought everyone cheering on their feet!

Green house proved to be unstoppable today. They dominated both – the boys’ tug of war and in the girls’ badminton match.

All four houses then proceeded to the courtyard and lined up just as they had for the opening ceremony in anticipation of the announcement that would declare which team would take home the trophy.

In our eyes, all houses and teams are winners because true competition is in competing with yourself and performing better than you did the day before. Every player that learned true sportsmanship and discipline throughout the event, is no doubt a winner.

After adding up the numbers of all events, it was YELLOW HOUSE that topped the score board!! Our GREEN TEAM came in at second, and BLUE HOUSE at third!

We wholeheartedly congratulate the teams and their parents on their commendable performance and look forward to our next event – the upcoming Schoolathon. May we come back for it even stronger!

At the end of any successful event we pay tribute to our Maula (TUS) for constantly guiding us towards being our best selves. We hope and pray that may we have attained his happiness during the auspicious days of ta’abudat and may Allah grant him a healthy and prosperous life till the day of qiyamat. Ameen!