Sky Simulation Show

7th October 2013

The PIA Planetarium in collaboration with SUPARCO has organized a magnificent Sky Simulation show covering the crucial aspects of the Solar System and our galaxy Milky Way.

Narrated in Urdu the Sky Simulation Show takes us through  a space journey covering our galaxy amongst the millions many which encompass different planets, constellations, meteoroids and other space bodies. Configurations of each planet along with its specifications of the number of moons, seasons and climatic conditions were discussed. Class 8th of the Upper Primary Section along with  their teachers  represented the MSB Institute at the PIA Planetarium on 7th October 2013.

The trip was an effective one exploring and exposing space ventures and avenues for the eighth grade. The presentation was displayed with hi tech equipment displayed on a semi circular ceiling magnifying the splendor of the Creator and its effects manifolds.

Verses from Syedi SadiqAli Sahebs  nasihat came to mind as the students watched this  splendour

Khilqat Khuda ni goya Khuda no kitaab che

Aaqil ne ye ghate ke muta’alo kara kare