Sharaf Of Preparing Mohabbat Ni Roti And Thaali Distribution

In pursuit of Maula TUS’s happiness and nazar mubarak, girls from all sections of AlMadrasa participated in preparing mohabbat ni roti at Yousufi Mohallah Shabbirabad.

It was indeed a sight to see, as the students of each section engaged in this khidmat in whatever way possible for them. This experience also became an opportunity for learning for them according to their respective levels.

Students of Pre-primary lightly coated the roties with oil as instructed to them, while their seniors of Primary and Secondary assisted in rolling out the dough into mohabbat ni roties and cooking them on the stoves until they were just right.

Along with roti making for girls, boys of AlMadrasa received the sharaf of thaali distribution in the very same mohallah. Mumineen were greatly touched and appreciated the whole hearted participation and effort made by the students. Thaalies were handed over with a warm smile and received in the same way.

Through this khidmat of thaali distribution and preparing mohabbat ni roti, students of AlMadrasa hope to have brought joy to the hearts of mumineen and in doing so attain the happiness of our Maula TUS.