Shahadat Recitation & Iqtebasaat Nooraniyah Quiz In The Primary

3rd January 2014

The onset of Rabi marks the beginning of the season of celebrations and every individual is seen busy gathering hasanaat after hasanaat to mark the affluence of sanat o Hasanaat e Eid iz Zahabi.

The Parents of the Primary Section were invited to share in the gathering of hasanaat at a Quiz and Shahadat Meet Program.

Tilawat of Surat ut Takweer aptly as it indicated the suffering

of Karbala, marked the opening to this program

The quiz comprised of questions that were displayed through Multi Media and the rounds were pictorial, as well as calligraphic where students had to decipher what was written in the Tugras that embellish the masjid during Ashara Mubarakah and a rapid fire round. The quiz evolved around the shanaat of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS), the illustrious history of Awliya Ullah (AS)The barakaat of Ashara Mubarakah and the instruction of Moulaya Aali Qadr (TUS) to Momineen.

The students’ zeal and enthusiasm at responding to the quiz was commendable and the audience greatly appreciated the students’ efforts and preparation.

Between the quiz rounds the students came up on stage for the recitation of shahadat of Moulana Aliasgher(AS), Moulana AliAkber (AS), Moulana Abbas (AS) and the shahadat of Syed us Shohada Imam Husain (AS).

The winning team “Taheri” and the runners up team “Burhani” were awarded certificates and tokens of appreciation.

The parents and students all dispersed with a plea in their heart, that for the baqaa of Matam e Husain (AS), may this Husaini Dai (TUS) and His Mansoos (TUS) live till Qiyamat.