Season Of Ibadat At MSB

19th Aug 2011


The onset of Shere Ramazaan-ul-Moazzam fills the atmosphere with an aura of bounties of its presence. MSB is a hub of ibadat during this auspicious month.

The preparation for this month was an important part of the “first day at school agenda”. The students were briefed about how along with our academics we would all take optimal benefit from the Mubarak month that sheltered us.

Tilawat-e-Qur’an-e-Majeed during Tilawat-ud-Dua for the Secondary in Ewaan-e-Mufaddal and in the Madrasa Dua Hall for the Primary marks the beginning of our day at school aiming at completing the entire Qur’an-e-Majeed by the end of Shehrullah.

A hum of sweet melodious little voices emerge from the Pre-primary classes as they recite and memorize the dua recited during Shehre Ramazaan-il-Moazzam.

The upper Primary and the Secondary Students go for imamat Namaaz at Yusufi Masjid where as the young primary children are lead into Imamat namaaz within the school premises to familiarize and monitor the young students’ actions closely.

The student were fortunate to have been able to present wajebaat to Al Farqad ul Azhar Janaab Kinana Bhaisaheb here at school.

A presentation to orient the students about the fazilat of Ameeril-Momineen (AS) was shown to the Primary and Pre-Primary Students on the 18th of Shehre Ramazaan-il-Moazzam.

The preparation for lailatul Qadr was also presented to the students through an interactive powerpoint presentation that was meticulously prepared by the Uloom Diniyah staff.

The highlight of the presentation was the significance of the coinciding of Aqa Moula(TUS)’s Mansoos Syedi wa Moulaya Aali Qadr Mufaddal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin Saheb’s Milaad Mubarak with Lailatul Qadr.

The tiny tots from Pre-Primary shared their declarations as to how they plan to perform ibadat on the auspicious night of Lailatul qadr with the other students.

The objective of every good deed that we perform here at MSB is amass in single plea and urge to Allah, to grant our Beloved Moula a long and prosperous life in the very best of health.